Mosquito Control Services for Grand Rapids

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in Grand RapidsDon’t let frustrating and dangerous mosquitoes impact your outdoor fun this season. Instead, call in the team trusted all over Grand Rapids, MI for effective mosquito control. At Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids, we offer the professional services you need – from single sprays to season-long plans – all to ensure you yard is well-protected and you can enjoy life outside more comfortably. We even back all that we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not fully satisfied? Call us and we promise to make it right by repeating the treatment at no additional cost.

Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids: For Yard Armour Mosquito Control 

Stop struggling with DIY methods that provide weak protection and spotty results. With Yard Armour® Mosquito Control from Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids, you can access a convenient and comprehensive program that has one purpose: providing powerful protection. With it, we will provide a series of precisely timed applications, based on local temperatures and mosquito lifecycles. As a result, adults, eggs, and larvae will be thoroughly suppressed and you’ll see a drastic reduction in insect numbers.

Not only that, but with Yard Armour Mosquito Control, Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids is here for you throughout the entire biting season. We will return to your property at various points from April through October to deliver maintenance applications for ongoing coverage. You never have to call us or be home to schedule your treatment. Simply rely on our team for consistent, high-quality care and protection.

In all that we do, from pest control to lawn care services, Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids is also dedicated to customer education. With our Yard Armour program specifically, we’ll show you exactly where mosquitoes are breeding and hatching on your property, so you can clear away these sites.

Other Specialized Mosquito Control Services Available in Grand Rapids

Beyond our standard Yard Armour Mosquito Control program, Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids also offers a variety of other services to keep your family and pets protected from the threat of mosquitoes. These include our special event sprays, which are one-time treatments to provide coverage for big days, from cookouts to anniversary parties to weddings. We also offer a natural version of our Yard Amour program for those families interested in the most environmentally-friendly approach to pest control. It uses 100% natural ingredients for powerful protection that will safeguard your lawn and family for the whole season.

At Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids MI, we’re the mosquito control team relied on by customers throughout Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Forest Hills, Ada, Caledonia, Wyoming, Rockford, and in other nearby areas. Learn more by calling us today at 616.281.7109 for a free consultation with one of our trained experts.