Spring Lawn Care in Grand Rapids: Get Started Now with These Winter Tips

extremely green grass from Lawn Doctor's Spring Lawn Care in Grand Rapids.

The official start of winter is December 21st. But as a resident of Michigan, you know it’s already been here for some time now. And while you might be ready to hibernate inside, there are still a few steps to take in your yard to protect it during harsh weather and promote beautiful growth in the next season. To help you do that, the local spring lawn care experts in the Grand Rapids, MI area – Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids – has compiled a list of tips and advice to consider.

What Lawn Care Steps You Can Take to Create a Strong Comeback in Spring

Your yard doesn’t require all the heavy lifting that comes with other seasons. However, there are a few simple lawn care steps to keep in mind to secure a stunning return when spring arrives again in the Grand Rapids area. These include:

Salt with care. You might salt your driveway or walkways regularly to avoid slips and falls. But if salt gets onto grass, it can be damaging, stripping soil of moisture. So be careful around the edges and don’t use an excessive amount that can get washed into your lawn.

Remove any organic debris. Whether it’s leaves, twigs, or branches, these can create a wet, matted layer that leads to lawn diseases. Not only does this stop sunlight and air from getting to grass, but keeps moisture in, inviting rot, pests, and other issues.

Keep foot traffic low. When your grass is dormant, it’s more weak and brittle because energy is being redirected to the root system below. Therefore it can get injured and damaged easily. So try to stay off it as much as possible and never drive vehicles over it.

How Our Grand Rapids Spring Lawn Care Experts Can Make a Difference in Your Yard

Another key step is to consult with lawn care providers – like those at Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids – who are experts in delivering treatments during winter, spring, and every season. We’ll analyze your turf, identify its type, and assess its overall condition, then make recommendations that are just right for it. We also offer annual programs for care from one month to the next, as well as individual seasonal treatments, providing options for every need and budget!

For spring lawn care in Grand Rapids, MI, contact us today for a free consultation! We also offer spring lawn care in other nearby areas, including in Kentwood, Forest Hills, Ada, Caledonia, Wyoming, and Rockford.