How Our Lawn Care Services in Grand Rapids Fix Common Problems

huge green front yard showing lawn care services in Grand RapidsFrom extreme weather and heavy foot traffic to invasive weeds and pests, your lawn faces a lot of stress during the year. This can lead to issues with both health and appearance. If you’re noticing a problem and want an expert solution, turn to Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids for help. Whether it’s big or small, we can diagnose and treat it in a way that’s simple and straightforward. Just some types of challenges local homeowners across the Grand Rapids, MI area count on our lawn care service team for include:

The Problem: A thinning lawn.

How We Can Solve It: As your lawn ages, grass plants can weaken and die, causing thin, sparse growth. This can make your lawn more vulnerable to weeds and diseases. But with lawn care power seeding services from Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids, we can improve turf density and health with newer, top-performing varieties. Your lawn will grow in thicker and stronger, and be less susceptible to problems down the line.

The Problem: Dandelion, crabgrass, and other stubborn weeds.

How We Can Solve It: With Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids, you can easily protect your lawn from weeds of all kinds. We offer a broad-ranging approach to controlling them, one that’s customized to your lawn. With it, we’ll identify the species growing in your yard, then create a personalized treatment plan and schedule complete with pre- and post-emergent applications. We’ll also check for and deal with any underlying issues that could be leading to your outbreak.

The Problem: A poor diet.

How We Can Solve It: Your grass needs 16 different elements for healthy growth. Unfortunately, most local lawns don’t provide the right level. That’s where lawn care fertilization services from Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids come in. We can evaluate your turf, test your soil, determine precisely what’s missing, and deliver it all on a tailored schedule.

Why We’re Grand Rapids’ Choice for Lawn Care Services

When you choose Lawn Doctor of Grand Rapids as your lawn care service provider, you don’t have to worry about problems like the ones above. All you have to do is make a single call and you can access an expert team and a range of effective solutions leading to excellent results in your lawn. We even guarantee our work to ensure you’re 100% pleased.

Ready to learn more? Call (616) 281-7109 to set up your free consultation. Our lawn care services are offered in many Grand Rapids, MI-area communities, including Kentwood, Forest Hills, Ada, Caledonia, Wyoming, Rockford, and other nearby areas.