Mosquito Control in Harrison: Things You May Not Know

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in HarrisonMosquitoes, due to their capacity to carry deadly diseases, can present a serious health risk. One thing that can help you avoid mosquitoes, as well as keep them out of your lawn, is an understanding of their common behaviors. At Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati, our technicians incorporate these common mosquito behaviors into our mosquito control strategies and services for consistent results. Our mosquito control treatments help homeowners in the Harrison, Fairfield, Delhi, Western Cincinnati, NW Cincinnati, Lawrenceburg, Batesville, Hidden Valley, Bright and SE Indiana areas make their lawns more enjoyable and free from mosquitoes.

Mosquito Control Away from Home: What to Avoid

Harrison-area lawns can be treated to keep mosquitoes from invading, but avoiding mosquitoes while away from home requires taking a few preventative measures. Mosquitoes have several distinct attractions and preferred breeding areas you can avoid to help limit your interaction with them, below are a few of them:

1. Dark Clothing

Wearing dark clothing outdoors during daylight hours can make you a target for looming neighborhood mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have poor eyesight, and because of this they are attracted to high-contrast areas that are easily differentiated from the environment. Sticking with neutral colors can help keep you out of nearby mosquitoes’ line of sight.

2. Dusk & Dawn

Mosquito activity rises and falls at different times of the day, and the hours surrounding dawn and dusk are when activity peaks. Since extended outdoor activity during these times puts you at a greater risk of encountering a swarm, taking care to schedule your dog walk or daily run around them can be a big help in getting home free of itchy bites.

3. Areas with Standing Water or Damp Leaf Litter

Mosquitoes prefer to breed near moist conditions, including areas with standing water or damp leaf litter. Avoid these conditions to cut down on your mosquito exposure, and keep your lawn clear of them to prevent an infestation.

Effective Mosquito Control for Harrison Homeowners

Although there are several preventative measures you can take in keeping your yard clear of mosquitoes, sometimes a helping hand is necessary. We offer Harrison-area homeowners a solution to mosquito control with our comprehensive service list. Whether it’s a single application or year-round maintenance, you can count on our mosquito control services for results.

Call Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati today at (812) 637-0563 to schedule your free estimate and learn more about why Harrison homeowners choose our mosquito control services. Our complete list of both short and long-term services is available to residents of Harrison, Fairfield, Delhi, Western Cincinnati, NW Cincinnati, Lawrenceburg, Batesville, Hidden Valley, Bright, SE Indiana and the surrounding communities.