Lawn Seeding in the Harrison Area

A beautiful lawn takes more than watering and fertilizing. That’s because as your grass ages, it breaks down and thins out, even dying off in areas. The good news is that with aeration and lawn seeding from the Harrison area experts at Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati, we can reduce thatch and compaction, while building up turf density with new seed. It’s the fastest path to getting a lawn you can love again.

Power Seeding with Industry-Leading Turf Tamer® Equipment

The purpose of power seeding is to boost turf density, producing a thicker, healthier lawn in the process. Not only that, but a stronger lawn is the best way to protect it from weeds, insects and disease. Let Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati handle the job for you. As local Harrison area lawn seeding experts, our approach begins with cultivating your soil first. We then mix seed right into it, which provides for better seed-to-soil contact. As a result, more seed can germinate and develop into new, healthy grass.Male Lawn Doctor employee wheeling a lawn seeding turf tamer machine over the lawn

Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati uses our advanced, proprietary equipment – Turf Tamer – which is specially designed to produce superior results. With its reciprocating action, your soil and grass will never get damaged as we seed your lawn. Likewise, the ground-metered distribution process promotes uniform seed placement, while also introducing the optimal amount of new seed into your lawn. Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati’s power seeding services produces even, thick, beautiful new growth.

In the Harrison area, it’s best to perform lawn seeding in the fall. The season’s warmer days, cooler nights, and ample rainfall combine to produce excellent conditions for new grass to grow.  New seed will also have less competition from broadleaf weeds, like clover and dandelion. Finally, seeding in the fall helps you to best prepare your lawn for spring.

The Harrison Area’s Experts in Lawn Seeding

Your lawn has specific needs that can only be met with professional expertise and services. That’s where Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati comes in. We have the experienced technicians – with knowledge of local growing and climate conditions – along with the best-in-class equipment to produce superior results. Not only that, but every service is backed with our satisfaction guarantee. You can rest easy that you’ll get high quality services – and a beautiful lawn – with Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati.

Ready to learn more? Call Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati at 812.637.0563 to schedule a free evaluation. Our lawn seeding and aeration services are available to homeowners in Harrison, also in Southeast Indiana, Western Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Batesville and Fairfield.

Lawn Doctor’s lawn aeration service can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year round.