Lawn Aeration in Harrison: What is it and When Do You Need it?

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame for lawn aeration in HarrisonFor a healthy lawn in Harrison, maintaining healthy soil is crucial. Keeping your lawn’s soil healthy requires a few simple maintenance tasks, some of which are often overlooked. One essential part of keeping your soil healthy is regular lawn aeration. A heavy layer of thatch or compacted soil can constrict your lawn’s roots and prevent your grass and other plants from accessing the nutrients, water and other elements they require to grow.

Aeration relieves this underground compression and reverses the negative effects of compacted soil by reinstating healthy circulation and permeability. Aeration also aids in the breakdown of the thatch layer in the grass without damaging the crown of the grass which happens from mechanical dethatching machines. At Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati, we offer our advanced lawn aeration service to neighboring home and commercial property owners in the Harrison, Fairfield, Delhi, Western Cincinnati, NW Cincinnati, Lawrenceburg, Batesville, Hidden Valley, Bright and SE Indiana areas.

What is Lawn Aeration?

There are many different ways that aeration services can be implemented, but they all revolve around the principle that puncturing your lawn’s soil relieves compression and increases permeability. Core aeration provides the best method to boost the permeability of your lawn. Core aeration allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to more readily penetrate your soil surface and get into the root zone, creating an environment more conducive to healthy growth.

While other lawn care companies employ the use of spiked or conical implements to puncture the soil, we use a core aerator to loosen compacted soil. Core aerators, instead of simply puncturing the surface, remove long, cylindrical sections of soil from your lawn. This effective process not only accelerates results, but it provides soil decompression that lasts longer.

The Best Time for Lawn Aeration in the Harrison Area

Lawn aeration can be beneficial at several times throughout the year in Harrison, but some times are better than others for maximum results. Your lawn’s ideal aeration schedule will depend on the type of grass that populates it. This variability is due to the optimum growing season being different for certain types of grass. For cool season grasses, aeration will be the most beneficial towards the beginning of spring or mid fall, while warm season grasses will benefit most from aeration in the later part of spring. Additional aeration services may be necessary if your lawn has any of the following symptoms:

  • Brown spots
  • Stunted or stopped growth
  • Excessive thatch
  • Puddles form during light rainfall

Call Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati today at (812) 637-0563 to schedule a free service estimate for your Harrison-area lawn. Our lawn aeration service is available to homeowners and businesses in Harrison, Fairfield, Delhi, Western Cincinnati, NW Cincinnati, Lawrenceburg, Batesville, Hidden Valley, Bright, SE Indiana and the surrounding communities.