Lawn Weed Control from Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati

A beautiful lawn is a weed-free lawn. At Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati, our lawn care experts will help remove and prevent weed infestations thanks to our professional lawn weed services. With lawn weed control from Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati, your lawn will be protected against the most common and most stubborn weeds faced by Southeast Indiana and Cincinnati-area homeowners. No matter the weeds your lawn is faced with, our team will provide you with the treatments and expertise you need to take back your lawn.

NW Cincinnati’s Lawn Weed Control Experts

As a locally owned and operated lawn care company, we pride ourselves on knowing the Cincinnati/Fairfield area’s climate and growing conditions better than anyone. While other companies provide inefficient, one-size-fits-all solutions for weeds, our lawn weed control program is customized for every lawn we service. Prior to starting our services, we’ll provide you with a full lawn weed control assessment, making sure your lawn receives precisely the treatments it needs for lush, weed-free turf.

Lawn weed control services from Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati cover a vast range of weeds, including:very green grass for lawn weed control

  • Grassy weeds, such as crabgrass
  • Broadleaf weeds, such as wild violets, dandelions, and clover
  • Annual weeds, which can sprout multiple times in a year
  • Perennial weeds, which return year after year
  • Warm-season weeds, which thrive in summer months
  • Cool-season weeds, which grow best in spring and/or autumn

Pre-Emergent Lawn Weed Control

Treating existing weeds is one thing, but stopping weeds before they sprout is another. Homeowners who choose to take advantage of our Lawn Maintainer program for year-round lawn care will benefit from pre-emergent lawn weed control. With pre-emergent weed control, Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati experts schedule regular treatments to protect your lawn against a wide array of weeds, stopping weed problems before they break through your lawn’s soil. Our Lawn Maintainer program also offers routine fertilization services and Integrated Pest Management.

The Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati Guarantee

You deserve a weed-free lawn. You also deserve peace of mind. That’s why all lawn weed control treatments provided by our team include the Lawn Doctor of Fairfield guarantee. Under our guarantee – the strongest of its kind in the Southeast Indiana and Cincinnati area – we promise your total satisfaction with the results of every treatment.

Call Today to Get Started

Make weeds unwelcome in your lawn by calling Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati today at 812-637-0563. Our lawn weed control services are available throughout Southeast Indiana and Cincinnati, serving homeowners in communities like Western Cincinnati, Batesville, Harrison, and Guilford.