Lawn Care Tips for Harrison: Getting Geared Up for Spring

As the winter weather dissipates in Harrison and the temperatures start to climb, you may discover your lawn in a state of disrepair. Winter can wreak havoc on your lawn and leave it with discoloration, moss, unsightly dry spots, winter annual weeds, dandelions starting to appear, thin spots, and poor drainage areas. To help your lawn make a full recovery from the winter blues, get in touch with your local lawn professionals at Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati. We feature a wide range of lawn care services to help homeowners and businesses in the Harrison, Fairfield, Delhi, Western Cincinnati, NW Cincinnati, Lawrenceburg, Batesville, Hidden Valley, Bright and SE Indiana areas achieve green and healthy yards.

Spring Lawn Care Strategies for Harrison Residents

If the you see areas of concern and a messy lawn, rest assured that there are several strategies out there to help you bring it back to its former glory. Consult your local Harrison-area lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati before getting started, as accuracy is key in any restorative lawn care treatment. Here are three of the most effective strategies to get your lawn back up to speed this spring:

  1. dog enjoying grass treated by springtime lawn care in HarrisonOverseeding. The spots and patches left behind by winter can be frustrating and unsightly. An effective, common practice for filling in these spots is called overseeding, which basically consists of cutting the affected grass short and seeding to promote growth and the evening out of your lawn. Too much or too little seed could sabotage germination, so be sure to use precision when applying your seed.
  2. Fertilization. Weathering the frigid temperatures and moisture variability of a Midwestern winter requires nutrients, leaving your lawn’s supply of valuable nutrients low come spring. To replace these nutrients, even applications of fertilizer are essential. Every lawn has different nutritional needs when it comes to fertilization, and some may need several treatments to reach ideal nutrient density, so be careful with your applications.
  3. Pest Prevention. Standing water, dead leaf litter and shady areas can provide breeding grounds for invasive pests once the temperatures start to climb. Clear these out and keep your lawn tidy as spring returns for a yard clear of pests like mosquitoes, ticks and others.

Call Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati today at (812) 637-0563 for additional spring lawn care strategies and to schedule your free Harrison-area consultation. Our comprehensive spring lawn care strategies are available to home and business owners in Harrison, Fairfield, Delhi, Lawrenceburg, Batesville, Hidden Valley, Bright and the surrounding communities.