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Tips for Caring for Your Yard This Winter

Don’t ignore your lawn just because it’s cold outside. Many of the things you have to do to have a healthy lawn come spring starts during the winter, when temperatures begin to drop. For example the best season to prune your trees is winter because pruning promotes new growths and production of fruit.

If you failed to winterize your lawn mower in the autumn, it is not too late for a local Lawn Doctor to check it out and get it spruced up in time for the next mowing season.

As winter winds down and snow vanishes, snow mold could threaten your yard. This fungus arises in wet, cold weather. The best way to prevent snow mold, is to make sure your lawn is properly fertilized and maintained during the cold weather. Winter lawn fertilization is an important part of keeping your yard healthy through the cold season. Treatments for snow mold involves the use of a special fungicides and seeding strategies.

Lawns and trees may not need as much attention during the wintertime. But even though there may be less need, it is an ideal time to make plans for its care throughout the year. Winter lawn care tips from our experienced professionals can enable you to create a strategy to keep your landscape healthy all year. Contact Lawn Doctor today for a FREE Lawn Evaluation.

During the holiday season, you may find yourself searching for a gift that continues to offer benefits throughout the year. Year-round lawn care will bring joy to your family by producing a spectacular landscape and lawn. Our year-round Lawn Maintainer Care service also gives your family more free time to use as they please. Now that’s a gift.

Winter Yard Care Terminology

  • Anti-desiccant– Anti-desiccants is a type of foliage spray that works to help trees maintain moisture in colder conditions.
  • Lawn Aeration– Aerating your lawn refers to removing plugs of soil to eliminate the compaction of the soil to allow for access to nutrients, oxygen and water.
  • Yard Fertilizer – A type of compound that help facilitate growth by major and micro- nutrients.
  • Lawn Fertilization – An application that promotes plant and turf growth through proper and periodic use. Lawn Fertilization is a key strategy for preventing snow mold.
  • Micro-nutrients– Essential nutrients that are plants in small amounts to grow properly.
  • Power Seeding – Power seeding refers to a technique used to apply seed to a yard by incorporating turning up the soil to achieve the correct seed-to-soil contact. Lawn Doctor’s exclusive Turf Tamer® service equipment is used for easy but effective power seeding.
  • Pre-emergent weed control – Preventative treatment to stop future weed growth
  • Reseeding – The use of grass seed to thicken the more thin areas of your lawn.
  • Snow mold – A fungus type disease caused by a fungus that develops in wet, cold weather. If left untreated it can lead to root rotting under winter snows.
  • Soil enrichment – Enhancing the quality and health of your soil by the addition of organic supplements and microbes

See our glossary for more detailed looks at winter lawn care terms.

Winter lawn care services for everyone

Our Lawn Maintainer Care programs provide basic lawn services, while our Lawn Custom Care programs address more complicated issues.

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