Mosquito Control in Long Island

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in Long IslandNothing takes the fun out of an outdoor gathering like mosquitos crashing the party. Not only are they a nuisance, they can be dangerous and even deadly. Keep mosquitos away from your home and protect those you care about with mosquito control from Lawn Doctor of Long Island. With a combination of our Yard Armour® control system and skilled local experts, mosquitos have simply met their match.


Yard Armour Mosquito Control from Lawn Doctor of Long Island

Mosquito control has never been stronger thanks to Yard Armour from Lawn Doctor of Long Island. This service protects you and your property by reducing and controlling the mosquito population. Yard Armour provides you with:

  • Mosquito Control: Using strong yet safe and eco-friendly products and industry exclusive equipment, we are able to significantly reduce and control the mosquito population.
  • Mosquito Prevention: Our team of local experts help educate you on ways you can prevent mosquitos from breeding and thriving on your property. We’ll also apply barrier treatments to protect against new threats.
  • Mosquito Maintenance: We aim to keep mosquitos at bay by providing ongoing applications of our products and information that will help you maintain a mosquito-free zone.

Your Mosquito Control Options from Lawn Doctor of Long Island

The mosquito Control services we provide our Long Island clients are customized to fit their needs. We focus our treatments in areas where mosquitos are most likely to breed. Our local experts will use their knowledge of the area to determine which treatments will be most effective.

Our mosquito control options includemosquito on hand that needs mosquito control in Long Island

  • Special Event Programs. Make sure your next event is not interrupted by pesky mosquitoes. From holiday cookouts to birthday parties to weddings, our one-time mosquito control treatments and sprays will make sure the memories made do not include mosquitoes.
  • All Natural Treatments. We are proud to offer the option of totally natural and organic mosquito control solutions. These treatments are tough on bugs, but safe to you and everyone else in and around your home.

Benefits of Yard Armour vs Other Programs

  • Only 4 treatments needed vs 10-12 with other programs
  • Environmentally friendly treatment
  • Broad spectrum program that covers a variety of insects
  • Safe & Odorless Barrier Spray

The Lawn Doctor of Long Island Mosquito Control Guarantee

At Lawn Doctor of Long Island, we stand behind all of our mosquito control services by guaranteeing your satisfaction. If you are not happy with any service you receive from us, let us know. We will do it again for no extra charge or refund the amount of your last service.

We are proud to serve our clients throughout Long Island, including homeowners in Bay Shore, Massapequa, Farmingdale, Hicksville, and Plainview.

For a bug-free tomorrow, call Lawn Doctor of Long Island today! Our mosquito control services will help you rest easy knowing your family, friends and even pets are protected. Contact us at (516) 586-5528 for more information, including how to get your free evaluation and estimate.