Lawn Doctor of Long Island
History of Company


In January 2007, Ted Kramer left corporate America to start a Lawn*Doctor franchise business with the purpose of owning and operating multiple Lawn*Doctor franchises. The first franchise was purchased with 44 customers and $18,000 in business in December 2006 and began operation in March 2007. Concurrently, the company purchased its first open territory in December 2006. This second franchise also began operation in March 2007. Additionally, at this time, the company also exercised a Multi Franchise Development Agreement with Lawn*Doctor, Inc. to open and operate up to an additional 3 franchises to be exercised through January 1, 2012. All the franchises in the Franchise Development Agreement to be located in Nassau County.


During that first year of business, the Company had the highest first year sales in the 40 year history of Lawn*Doctor, Inc. The Company went on to double sales in 2008, which led to the acquisition of almost 200 customers from a neighboring franchisee in April 2009. Given this acquisition, a revised timeline was agreed to with Lawn*Doctor, Inc. with regard to the Franchise Development Agreement.


Lawn Doctor of Long Island Team Photo

During the next three years, the Company exercised its three existing franchise options and launched three new franchise territories on January 1, 2010, 2011 and 2012, completing its initial plan to operate 5 Lawn*Doctor franchises.
In December 2010, after being approached by Lawn*Doctor, Inc., the Company agreed to put a deposit on one additional new open territory in Suffolk County to be acquired at an unspecified future date. The Company is free to accept unsolicited business in this new territory until such time as decides to exercise the option for this open franchise area.


In December 2012, the Company completed another acquisition of two existing franchises, including associated customer lists, from a neighboring Lawn*Doctor franchisee in Suffolk County. This would be the first of two such acquisitions, the second of which was completed in April 2014. Currently, the Company is operating 9 franchises in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. with an option on one additional franchise to be launched at an unspecified future date at the Company’s discretion, and was servicing approximately 1,800 residential and commercial customers.


In February 2015, the Company was awarded it’s most significant piece of commercial business since we began operation in 2007. This 5 year federal contract increased our total square footage of lawns being serviced from 10 million square feet to 24 million square feet, and increase of more than 14 million square feet. In order to successfully service this large increase in customer base, the Company purchased two more vehicles and added two more full time lawn specialists during 2015. This, combined with the continued growth and popularity of the Yard Armour brand, begun in 2010, allowed us to configure one of the vehicles as a dedicated spray truck designed solely to service our Yard Armour and tree and shrub clients. This vehicle configuration was the first of its kind throughout the entire Lawn*Doctor network. 2015 ended with the Company’s relocation to a new 5,300 square foot facility in Deer Park, NY. This office, split 50/50 between warehouse and office space will allow us to add the necessary personnel and resources to service our clients in the best possible way. Additionally, the Company plans to exercise a purchase option on the facility when the initial lease term expires at the end of 2022.


During the period 2016 to 2018, the company continued its growth and expansion. Our customer base grew to 2,800 by December 2018. Throughout this period, we continued to add staff, vehicles and equipment, as well as train and promote from within to grow our management team and our business. In addition, during 2018, the Company introduced it’s second, original product offering called Hydra Guard, which is now being offered nationwide by more than 200 Lawn Doctor franchisees. 2018 sales of Hydra Guard made it the fastest growing product offering in the Lawn Doctor family, and the second highest lawn care revenue stream for our Company, behind seedings. In fact, while Yard Armour, which has been highly successful, took five years to get the sales level, we were able to grow Hydra Guard in one season. We anticipate sales of Hydra Guard will double during 2019. In addition, Yard Armour has become so successful that the Company is investing in a third spray rig and a third dedicated Yard Armour vehicle for 2019.
The Company currently has 15 full time employees. Along with the CEO/owner, Ted Kramer, there are three managers handling client service, operations and our office and team. One of our managers started with the company almost 12 years ago and has moved up through the Company, gaining knowledge and experience and is now the second most senior person with the Company. We have several technicians, all with the Company for 4-5 years. One functions as the Service Manager, overseeing all other technicians, equipment repairs, scheduling and routing. The three senior technicians also are primarily responsible for on site servicing of any large commercial accounts. We also employ 5-6 additional full time technicians, many with more than 3 years experience. All service employees must go through a rigorous training process, which includes 40 hours of one on one training, a full season’s apprenticeship, a 30 hour class room training course and a state and federally mandated exam. All employees that service clients, plus any sales and service employees (i.e., owner and general manager) are fully licensed as either pesticide applicators or technicians, and obtain multiple levels, or categories of licensing. This also requires employees to take annual education courses to maintain their licenses.