Weed Control in Long Island

Nothing will ruin a perfect yard more quickly than the presence of unsightly, damaging weeds. Lawn Doctor of Long Island will help you win the battle against broadleaf and grassy weeds with our lawn weed control services. Our local experts will help create a custom-tailored program to help keep every inch of your lawn weed-free and looking its healthy best.

How Long Island Residents Benefit from Close up of blades of lawn weed control grass Lawn Weed Control and Fertilization

A healthy lawn needs attention and nutrients just like the human body does. Our slow-release fertilizers provide essential nutrients that work over a period of time to fortify your lawn. Our exclusive Turf Tamer® equipment avoids sparse or overgrown patches by making sure fertilizer gets evenly distributed over your entire lawn.

There is also such a thing as too much fertilizer, which can cause an overgrowth of weeds and thatch buildup. This can lead to an infestation of disease carrying insects and other insects you do not want in your lawn. This is why proper fertilization and weed control of your lawn is so important, and Lawn Doctor of Long Island is here to help.

Why Choose Lawn Doctor of Long Island for Weed Control and Fertilization

Just as our name says, Lawn Doctor of Long Island is a part of your community. We are invested in keeping our shared community beautiful and our local experts know all about the specific needs of the areas we serve. We know the local climate and plant life and are invested in Long Island homes looking their best. Beyond that, we will work with you to determine the unique needs of your property to ensure the best services and products are used.

We are proud to serve our clients in Long Island communities including Massapequa, Farmingdale, Bay Shore, Hicksville, and Plainview.

Long Island Lawn Care and Weed Control for the Long Haul

It’s easy to provide a one-time weed control treatment, but our Long Island team wants to go beyond that to keep your lawn looking great for a long time. Our Lawn Maintainer program will work to eliminate and control weed growth in your lawn 365 days of the year, keeping your yard thick, lush, and disease free.

We offer a variety of all-natural and organic lawn weed control treatments that keep our Long Island clients’ lawns looking lush without harming the earth. Our natural fertilizer will help your lawn grow and strengthen its natural defense systems without causing concern for mother earth.

The Lawn Doctor of Long Island Weed Control Guarantee

If our Long Island clients are not fully satisfied with the lawn care and weed control services they receive, then we are not satisfied either. If this is ever the case, we will happily re-apply your last service free of charge or refund the amount of that service.

Say goodbye to weeds and hello to a vibrant and healthy lawn. Let Lawn Doctor of Long Island keep your yard looking its best with our guaranteed lawn fertilization and weed control services. Call us today at (516) 586-5528 for more information, including how you can get your free, no-obligation lawn evaluation and estimate.