Lawn Aeration in Long Island

lawn aeration machine called turf tamerJust like people, your lawn needs room to breathe. But heavy foot traffic from kids and pets can cause the soil to become compacted over time. This, in turn, hinders nutrients, water, and air from reaching the root zone. Roots can even become so compressed that they eventually suffocate. It’s not a pretty picture – unless, of course, you have the local aeration experts at Lawn Doctor of Long Island on your side. We have the experience and equipment to cut compaction and bring your lawn back to life.

How Aeration Works – and Helps Your Lawn

At Lawn Doctor of Long Island, we rely on the core aeration method. This approach simply involves using an aeration machine to punch out plugs of soil, thatch, and grass throughout your lawn. This opens up your lawn and gives roots room to breathe again. It also helps:

  • Roots to grow stronger and deeper
  • Improve water usage
  • Enhance fertilizer absorption
  • Increase tolerance to heat and drought
  • Produce a healthier, thicker lawn in the weeks and months after aeration

Signs It’s Time to Aerate

At Lawn Doctor of Long Island, we know there are a few signs to look for that indicate the need for aeration. If your yard is thinning and you can’t figure out why, it could be due to soil compaction. Likewise, if your lawn has a lot of standing water and run-off, it’s because the compacted soil won’t allow for absorption. You can also perform the screwdriver test to verify compaction. Just stick a screwdriver into your lawn’s soil; if it’s a struggle, your lawn needs to be aerated.

When to Aerate Your Lawn

At Lawn Doctor of Long Island, we know when lawn aeration is performed at the optimal time, it maximizes the benefits. But the right time depends on the type of grass you have in your lawn. Cool-season grasses should be aerated in the fall or early spring, just before their active growth cycle. That way, holes will fill in quickly with new grass. Warm-season grasses should be aerated in late spring.

Why Lawn Doctor of Long Island for Lawn Aeration?

Would you rather spend your Saturday with an aeration machine or your family and friends? If it’s the latter, call in Lawn Doctor of Long Island for aeration help. You can rest easy your lawn will receive a professional level of attention from technicians with aeration experience. You’ll get more time, eliminate the chance of a costly aeration mistake, and enjoy a thicker, healthier lawn.

Ready to outsource lawn aeration to the experts? Call in Lawn Doctor of Long Island today at 516.586.5528. We provide lawn aeration to customers in Long Island as well as Massapequa, Farmingdale, Bay Shore, Hicksville, and Plainview.