About Us

Questions we are frequently asked:

Who is Lawn Doctor of Long Island?Lawn Doctor of Long Island Lawn Care Team

Lawn Doctor of Long Island is a group of local franchises owned by a local Long Island family. Using Lawn Doctor also gives you the comfort of working with a nationally-backed corporation that has a long history of servicing customers like yourself (2015 was Lawn Doctor’s 48th anniversary). Lawn Doctor staff work with universities in 24 states to determine the best turf program for your climate region, any current turf concerns and the best and safest products and methods to combat those issues. By working with Lawn Doctor you receive service by Property Specialists with the highest training and knowledge as well as the professional and personal service you deserve.

What type of products does Lawn Doctor use?

Lawn Doctor uses both granular and liquid materials depending on the application. Our patented Turf Tamers® apply both materials to your lawn. Our Turf Tamer® is ground-metered to ensure that the exact amount of material required for safe results and maximum control is being dispensed to your lawn.


Are the materials you use safe for my family and pets, and do you offer organic programs?

Most materials we come in contact with in our daily life could be harmful if used improperly or in the wrong quantities. Even aspirin can be dangerous if you ingest too much. That’s why we at Lawn Doctor have regularly spent an enormous amount of money and time developing our equipment so that it provides maximum protection from either over or under applying and training our employees, side by side with industry experts. Our Property Specialists, on average, receive 10 times the EPA-required annual training. In addition, we have the only power spreader in the industry that meters both granular and liquid materials to the ground. So, in summary, we have the best employees in the industry working for you on your property and they are using the best equipment money can buy. Organic and hybrid programs are available, however, some programs do not yield the same results as others, and the costs differ. If interested, we can discuss these options with you.

Every one of our Property Specialists is certified by the state Environmental Protection Agency, and we provide specific instructions to you with each application for maximum safety for you, your pets, and the environment.

Is there a guarantee?

YOU BET! We offer one of the best guarantees in the industry. If you are unhappy with any of our lawn maintenance applications, we will reapply them at no charge to you! We will also perform service calls on any problem areas at no charge.

How long does it take to do the service, and do I need to be home?

You do not ever need to be home when we service your property, provided we have access to the entire area being treated (e.g., unlocked gates, etc.) Our service is fast and the materials are dispensed accurately and quickly. Our patented Turf Tamer® services 1,000 square feet per minute. So, if you have a 5,000 square foot lawn area being treated, your service time may take approximately five minutes. We service your property professionally, accurately and quickly!

Are there any optional services?

Yes. However, we at Lawn Doctor feel that not every lawn needs all services, all the time. We only want you to pay for what you need. Therefore, we will make an initial recommendation to you at the beginning of your service contract, and make additional recommendations if they become necessary. If you have any questions about additional services that you think may be warranted, please call us in our office at 516-586-5528 and a representative would be happy to discuss them with you

Can you provide mowing and watering recommendations?

Sure. During the summer, and then upon request, we can provide you with written mowing and watering recommendations to assist you with properly maintaining your lawns. If you’d like another copy, simply ask the Property Specialist visiting your home during your next service, or call us in our office 516-586-5528; we’d be happy to speak with you.

What payment programs do you offer?

We offer two payment programs to allow you to manage your lawn maintenance costs to fit your family’s needs. You can pay in full at the beginning of each season and receive a 5% discount or in a number of installments determined by the time of year you begin your service (early sign-up affords for a longer payment period).