Lawn Seeding Services on Long Island

Male Lawn Doctor employee lawn seeding in Long IslandFrom extreme weather conditions to pet damage and foot traffic, your lawn experiences a lot of stress during every season. As a result, you might be noticing bare areas, sparse growth, or a yard that seems to weaken each year. Lawn Doctor of Long Island can help. With our lawn seeding treatments, offered throughout many Long Island, NY communities, we know how to treat and fix patchy growth, boost overall turf density, and cultivate turfgrass that’s thick and strong. You’ll enjoy enhanced health and appearance, as well as better curb appeal, too.

Lawn Seeding Treatments from Lawn Doctor of Long Island

Lawn Doctor of Long Island is your source for a range of high-quality lawn seeding treatments. Whether your lawn is drought-damaged and needs extensive repair, or you simply have a few dead spots to restore, our services can renew your lawn and bring it back to life. Seeding treatments we offer include:
  • Core Aeration with Overseeding to boost grass density and freshen up your lawn.
  • Power Seeding to completely rejuvenate a tired or damaged lawn. Results may very but usually approximate 75% to 90% of sod for 5% of the cost.
  • Full lawn renovations highly damaged lawns or lawns that are loaded with weeds and crabgrass.
Whether you choose to do a core aeration and overseeding, or our patented Power Seeding, our technicians will always educate you on best practices, such as for proper mowing and watering, so you see the best results in your newly growing lawn.

Lawn Seeding Experts on Long Island: How Our Local Services Work

Without quality soil conditions, new grass seed can’t take root, absorb key nutrients and germinate properly. That’s why Lawn Doctor of Long Island always begins seeding by evaluating your soil and improving the quality of it, whether there are issues with the pH level, heavy weed growth, a thick layer of surface thatch, or compaction. Once conditions are right, our team can work with you to recommend grasses that will grow optimally in your yard. We will consider factors ranging from Long Island’s rainfall rates and climate to your lawn’s sun exposure and foot traffic levels. This ensures you get grass types that are durable and able to stand up to your active life. When it comes to lawn seeding from Lawn Doctor of Long Island, you can always expect it will be at the time of year best-suited for healthy growth. For cool-season lawns, which are the preferred type in our Northeast climate, seeding should take place ideally toward the end of summer and into fall. Lawns can be seeded in springtime, as well. We can also create a more productive environment for developing grass by combining seeding with a nourishing fertilizer application. Our lawn seeding services are counted on to thicken local lawns in many Long Island, NY communities, such as Massapequa, Farmingdale, Port Washington, Hicksville and Plainview. To learn more about how we can enhance your lawn, call (516) 586-5528 and book a free estimate.