What’s The Best Yard Mosquito Control?

“This warm winter has me thinking we may have an early wet spring,” Carmen said. “And you know what that means: it’ll be mosquito season in Boston before too long!”

Mosquitoes are more than an annoyance. These tiny, winged insects can spread very serious diseases when they bite someone. Malaria and dengue fever are spread by mosquito bite. Recently, we’ve all heard about the Zika virus: no one is sure yet how far this scary disease will spread. When you’re a parent, you hear about these diseases, and it’s natural to become concerned about your child’s health and safety: what will happen to your kid if they’re bitten by a mosquito? But kids can’t be indoors all the time. They need fresh air and sunshine. That’s how the quest for the best yard mosquito control was born.

Mosquito control is a multi-stage process. Mosquitoes love wet, marshy territory. If you have any areas on your property that are low or shallow, standing water can collect there. This is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. The eggs develop into larvae which then transform into mosquitoes that are born in the backyard where your children play. Boston mosquito control begins by eliminating these wet breeding grounds.

Our Boston lawn service can apply Lawn Armour Mosquito Control. This product eliminates existing mosquitoes and prevents remaining eggs from hatching. Because many of our customers have children and pets who are sensitive to chemicals, we have made sure to have an all-natural, chemical free option available. the best yard mosquito control is one that keeps your family healthy and happy.

If you have questions about mosquito control in Boston, please give us a call. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions. We also provide tick control. If you have grubs in the grass we can get rid of them too!