Lawn Treatments for Cape Cod Homes

Cape Cod’s unique geography creates challenging growing conditions. Our long, cold, wet springs have been characterized as “January, February, March, March, March, June” by local landscapers, and we have to say that pretty much sums it up. As the first of those many Marches draws near, it’s time to talk about lawn treatments.

Grass requires a certain amount of nutrition to grow. This nutrition takes the form of minerals and other elements that are in the soil; the grass accesses it through their root systems. Over the course of time, the available supply of nutrition becomes depleted. Grass withers, turns brown or yellow, and fails to thrive as a result.

Lawn treatments are designed to restore the nutritional value of the soil so grass can grow and thrive. Treatments are applied by a Cape Cod lawn service at strategic times, most often in the spring and fall. This allows the nutrition to fully penetrate the soil, where it can subsequently provide the vital energy your grass needs to look fantastic.

Many families are worried about chemicals and toxic substances being used for lawn care. Lawn Doctor offers all natural lawn treatments for Cape Cod homes: ideal for families with children and pets. All natural options are also available for weed and pest control. Pest control includes both grub and mosquito control. Grubs mostly impact the appearance of the lawn, but mosquitoes and ticks carry dangerous diseases.

Cape Cod lawn treatments will be especially vital this year, after last year’s profound drought conditions. Grass root systems were really pushed to the utmost, searching hard for any trace of moisture and nutrition that they could find in order to survive. Some longer-rooted, drought-resistant grass varieties thrived, while other lawns showed signs of the struggle. Supplemental lawn treatments and seeding as needed will get even the most damaged lawns looking lush and green again. Call now to make sure you’re on the spring schedule!