Yard Care in Houston: Our Tips for Growing Grass from Seed

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After winter and spring, you may be struggling with muddy patches in your yard. If your lawn is looking particularly bare, why not plant grass seed to build a new lawn? This is an economical way to start a thriving lawn and is a yard care task that Houston homeowners can complete on their own. Explore the tips from our experts below to learn more about how to successfully achieve a yard you love in Houston by growing grass from seed.

Our Yard Care Guide For Planting Grass Seed

Here are our top tips for nurturing grass seed into a healthy lawn:

  • Consider timing. You’ll want to plant grass seed during the optimal growth period. For warm season grasses, which are most common in Houston, this period is when daytime temperatures hit around 80 degrees. If you choose to grow cool season grass, you’ll need to plant it much earlier in the year before daytime temps pass around 70 degrees.
  • Make sure your soil is prepped. Simply removing stones and sticks and smoothing out bumps and depressions can make a big difference in your yard’s success. We also recommend testing your soil’s pH and taking steps to balance it if needed. We offer a soil pH balancing service that can help ensure your soil offers ideal conditions for growth.
  • Spread seed uniformly and cover it. You may want to opt to use a spreader to promote even coverage of seed that leads to uniform growth. Once the seed is in place, put around a quarter inch of top soil over it or work it lightly into the soil below.
  • Keep the seed well watered. You should water your lawn a few times a day to keep it moist, but avoid making the soil soggy. A light spray at a regular frequency will do the trick.

Our Professional Yard Care in Houston

After the seed has germinated and matured, we can help keep your new lawn healthy, green, and strong. From fertilization to our ongoing Lawn Maintainer program, we offer a wide range of customizable services for local homeowners.

Our professional team provides yard care in:

  • Houston
  • Sugar Land
  • Katy
  • Fulshear
  • Memorial
  • Spring Branch
  • Missouri City
  • Jersey Village
  • Pearland
  • Bellaire
  • And throughout the surrounding West Houston area

For professional yard care in Houston that keeps your new lawn healthy, contact us today!