Lawn Weed Control in West Houston

At Lawn Doctor of West Houston, we know one of the biggest challenges for homeowners across West Houston, TX is lawn weed control. While your grass and plants grow slowly, weeds get bigger and spread seemingly overnight. Not only do they develop fast, but many kinds are both stubborn and aggressive, too. The good news is that with lawn weed control from Lawn Doctor of West Houston, we can treat current weeds in your lawn and keep them from coming back in the future.

Weed Control Matters for Healthy Lawns

You want a thick, healthy lawn, free from weeds. So when you see dandelion, clover or crabgrextremely green grass that has been treated with lawn weed control ass popping up, you want to treat them immediately. The trouble is, there’s no one lawn weed control solution for all kinds of weeds. You first need to understand the weed types in your lawn, as well as their growing season and lifespan, in order to effectively treat them.

For instance, in the United States, weeds typically are either categorized as broadleaf or grassy. Both require different treatment approaches. Broadleaf weeds, like clover and dandelion, are characterized by leaf blades with plenty of surface area. With narrow leaves that stand upright, grassy weeds – such as crabgrass – look like grass. They can be harder to spot as a result.

Both broadleaf and grassy can be annual, which means they grow in multiple times during one year, or perennial, meaning they come back for several years. Perennial weeds are typically more difficult to treat and control because they tend to get more established in lawns, surviving through winter, with dormant, underground roots.

Besides annual or perennial, weeds can also be cool-season or warm-season. When a weed is cool-season, it grows best during lower temperatures, from fall to spring. On the other hand, warm-season weeds like the higher temperatures found during spring and summer.

Get Help from West Houston’s Lawn Weed Control Experts

When weeds start getting established in your lawn, you need to act fast. Weeds not only look unsightly, but they can also begin to compete with your lawn for sunlight, water and nutrients. This impacts both the health and beauty of your lawn.

But at Lawn Doctor of West Houston, we can help. We offer a full-spectrum of pre-emergent and post-emergent solutions that work to treat weeds before they become a problem, control existing weeds, and help to ensure they don’t come back. With Lawn Doctor of West Houston, lawn weed control just got easy.

Our lawn weed control services – available only in West Houston, TX,  including the communities of Memorial, Bellaire, Spring Branch, Sugar Land,  West University and River Oaks – can help you reclaim your lawn. Call us today at 832.831.6181 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.