Lawn Aeration in West Houston

lawn aeration machine called turf tamerProper lawn care requires a few basic tasks: mowing, watering, fertilizing…and aeration. If you don’t aerate your lawn, thatch will eventually build up and soil will get compacted. As a result, roots can’t take in enough oxygen, nutrients or water to thrive and even begin to suffocate. But with Lawn Doctor of West Houston, lawn aeration is easy. We know how to stop compaction and thatch from taking over, breathing new life into your lawn in the process.

Why You Need Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration opens up your lawn, helping it grow to its full potential. While there are a few different approaches to take, Lawn Doctor of West Houston recommends core aeration. This type of lawn aeration is more thorough and produces better results. With it, an aerator punches out small, evenly spaced plugs of grass and soil from around your lawn. This creates pathways that help roots more efficiently absorb and use nutrients, air and water. As a result, they can grow deeper and stronger, making way for a thicker, greener lawn – one that’s also more resistant to weeds, insects and disease.

Ways to Tell Your Lawn Needs Aeration

There are a few different ways to tell your soil is suffering from compaction. For instance, standing water and thinning grass are both common signs. Also, if you park vehicles on your lawn, or have heavy foot traffic or clay soils, your soil will get compacted more easily and should be regularly aerated. There’s even a simple test you can perform to verify the need for aeration. Just take a screwdriver and try sticking it into the ground. If you encounter great difficulty, it’s due to soil compaction and you’ll know it’s time to call Lawn Doctor of West Houston for lawn aeration services.

When to Aerate Your Lawn

At Lawn Doctor of West Houston, we know that aerating at the right time is important to achieve the best results. You should perform aeration just prior to the peak growing season for your grass type. That way, holes can fill with new growth, leaving them less susceptible to weeds. For warm season grass, aerate in the late spring. For cool season grass, aim for fall or early spring.

How Lawn Doctor of West Houston Can Help with Aeration

At Lawn Doctor of West Houston, we have the right tools and equipment, as well as extensive experience, to perform proper aeration. Not only that, but we can combine it with our power seeding services to further build the density of your turf and improve its overall health and appearance. It’s the fastest way to the yard of your dreams.

If you’re ready to take your lawn to the next level with professional help, call Lawn Doctor of West Houston today at 832.831.6181. Our lawn aeration services are available to customers in West Houston, including in Memorial, Bellaire, Spring Branch, West University and River Oaks.