About Us

Lawn Doctor of West Houston is owned and operated by Shahul Hameed. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Shahul resides in Houston, TX with his wife Nassim and their two young sons, Armeen and Rayan.

Shahul Hameed, owner of Lawn doctor west houston, in front of van

As working parents, Shahul and Nassim previously hired lawn care companies to take care of their own yards. Now, Shahul is in a position to help his neighbors and community keep their lawns healthy and beautiful. “The most important aspects of lawn and landscape care is a yard that is green, lush and maintained, even in winter,” Shahul observes. “For me, this has always been a sign that the home is equally well cared for, and will have a steadily increasing property value.” Additionally, older son Armeen plays soccer; Rayan runs around the yard constantly, and the family enjoys barbecuing, so Shahul knows first-hand how enjoyable it is to have a healthy, attractive yard.

Shahul has a degree in chemical engineering as well as a MBA. He uses both his technical and business experience to deliver the highest degree of knowledge and quality service to his customers every day. “We give our customers comprehensive information on our services, with sufficient technical detail so they feel confident, Shahul says. “My customers are very busy people. The peace of mind that comes with having a service provider they can count on is critically important to them.”