Weed Control in Houston: How We Can Help

Close up of blades of grass showing weed control in HoustonKeeping invasive lawn weeds in check can be extremely time-consuming when you’re fighting them on your own. Weeds like clover and plantain can quickly invade your lawn and cause lasting damage to its overall health and appearance. With our proven treatments, we drive out unsightly lawn weeds and keep them at bay throughout the entire year. With our comprehensive approach to weed control in Houston, Bellaire, Katy, Memorial, Pearland, River Oaks, Spring Branch, Sugar Land, and West University, TX areas, we bring our customers accelerated results and lasting protection from invasive weeds.

Our Proven Approach to Weed Control in Houston

Fighting weeds in the long run can involve a long list of different processes. If you’re already operating on a tight schedule, completing all of these processes on your own can be demanding. With our multi-faceted approach to controlling invasive lawn weeds, we target and eliminate a wide range of different weeds at different stages throughout their germination process for complete protection. There are three key steps to our weed control system:

Broadleaf Weed and Crabgrass Control. Active weeds can quickly spread and cause significant damage to your lawn. However, driving active weeds out of your yard without also causing damage to your other lawn plants isn’t an easy task to accomplish for the average homeowner. At Lawn Doctor of West Houston, we utilize our premium broadleaf weed and crabgrass control treatments to quickly and effectively eliminate active weeds while leaving your grass and your other lawn plants unharmed.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control. Timing is one of the most important factors involved in successfully fighting weeds. One of the most crucial times for addressing weeds is before they become active in the first place. With our pre-emergent weed control treatments, our technicians will attack the populations of weeds in your lawn that are either still going through the early stages of germination or are lying dormant.

Fertilization. To keep weeds out of your lawn in the long run, maintaining its overall health is essential. Lawns that are patchy and deficient in essential nutrients are going to be much more susceptible to weed invasions than lawns that are thick, green, and healthy. Our fertilization treatments will optimize your yard’s nutrient levels for ongoing health and reinforced defenses against internal and external threats.

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