Lawn Care Services in Houston: Fertilization 101

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame lawn care services in HoustonFertilization is a critical component to any effective lawn treatment plan. Your lawn expends its nutrients supporting new growth, and these nutrients will need to be replaced if healthy growth is to continue. At Lawn Doctor of West Houston, we nourish the lawns of area home and business owners with our cutting-edge, precision-driven fertilization treatments. Our knowledgeable technicians combine proven treatments with local expertise to deliver consistent results. With our range of fertilization treatments and other lawn care services, we help restore ideal nutrient balances and boost overall health in lawns all over the Houston, Memorial, Bellaire, Spring Branch, West University, River Oaks, Katy, Sugar Land and Pearland, TX areas.

Our Lawn Care Services: Fertilization Options for Houston Residents

There is a lot of variability that exists not only between your lawn’s nutrient levels, pH balance and other factors throughout the year, but also between different store-bought fertilizers. DIY fertilization treatments can suffer at the hands of all of these inconsistencies, which is why your lawn’s nutrient restoration is best left in the hands of the professionals. With our custom-tailored list of lawn care services, we deliver top-notch results throughout the year. Here is a closer look at some of our fertilization options:


For quick results, we offer customers extremely effective fertilization treatments. Our fertilizers are custom-blended from both natural and synthetic materials to maximize nutrient density. With the high concentrations of the nutrients your lawn needs to grow, these fertilization products bring your lawn to the ideal nutrient density in fewer applications than some other types of fertilization services.

Natural Fertilization

Natural fertilization treatments provide area residents with a more environmentally-conscious alternative to keeping their grass green and growing throughout the year. These fertilizers are completely sourced from organic matter, giving your lawn a healthy boost without the utilization of manmade materials.

Commercial Treatment Programs

For increased curb appeal, a brighter work environment and a more welcoming outdoor area for employees, customers and clients, we provide Houston-area businesses with a comprehensive list of commercial lawn care services. Our commercial treatment programs can include one, two or all of the lawn care services we offer, depending on your lawn’s distinct needs as the seasons go by.

Call Lawn Doctor of West Houston today at (832) 831-6181 to schedule your free lawn evaluation. Our entire list of lawn care services is available to home and business owners spanning Houston, Memorial, Bellaire, Spring Branch, West University, River Oaks, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland and the surrounding communities.