Protect Your Trees with Care from Lawn Doctor of Charleston

Tree and shrub care
Blooming Lorepetulem that responded to Lawn Doctor’s Root Feed program.

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful property, it’s important to focus on more than just your grass. Your larger plantings, especially young ones, need regular care and attention, too. That’s where tree and shrub care from Lawn Doctor of Charleston comes in. We can care for trees of up to 20 feet as well as foundation plantings, providing the services they need to stay healthy and reach beautiful, new heights.

Lawn Doctor of Charleston’s Tree & Shrub Care Services

Are you noticing little growth on your trees or shrubs? Are their leaves discolored? Or are they becoming smaller and smaller each year? If so, your trees and shrubs could benefit from our tree care services at Lawn Doctor of Charleston. Some of the tree and shrub care services we offer to customers in Charleston and the West Ashley areas include:

  • Inspections. We’ll evaluate the overall health of your trees and shrubs, looking for issues with nutrient deficiencies and disease or pest infestations.
  • Disease and insect treatments. If we do spot a problem, we’ll develop and deliver a regular treatment plan to get the issue quickly under control.
  • Fertilizer and micronutrient applications. We can provide the right blend of nutrients to your trees and shrubs, at optimal times, to keep them strong and healthy. In fact, our specially chosen nutrients are designed to enhance the appearance and growth of trees and shrubs.

Why Professional Tree Care?

Shrub care

Because one missing nutrient could result in stunted growth, damage or even death to your larger plantings. Not only that, but when trees and shrubs are healthy, they can better resist disease and pests more naturally. But caring for trees and shrubs on your own can involve a lot of guesswork, which is why it’s best left to the experts. At Lawn Doctor of Charleston, we have experience caring for a wide range of trees and shrubs, from palm trees to evergreens. And we can put that experience to work for you to produce sturdy, vigorous trees and plantings.

Our Tree Care Service Guarantee

Our first priority is your satisfaction. That’s why, at Lawn Doctor of Charleston, we back up all our tree care services with the industry’s strongest satisfaction guarantee. If we fall short or you’re not happy with our results, just let us know. We will either re-apply the previous treatment or refund the cost of it.

Take advantage of our team’s green thumb by putting us to work for your trees and shrubs. To learn more, call Lawn Doctor of Charleston today at 843.873.5711 for your free evaluation. Our tree care services are available to customers in Charleston and West Ashley.