Lawn Weed Control in the Mount Pleasant Area

extremely green grass managed by our lawn weed control servicesControlling weeds is a constant battle. Just when you think you’ve finally eradicated stubborn crabgrass or dandelions, they come back and spread. What can you do? Take action with the Mount Pleasant, SC area’s specialists in lawn weed control: Lawn Doctor of Charleston. Not only do we know how to fight weeds under the surface, before they emerge, but we offer preventative measures to keep them from coming back.

If you’re having a hard time dealing with weeds – despite your best efforts – you’re not alone. Homeowners from all over the Mount Pleasant area have a difficult time with lawn weed control. That’s because there are so many different types, with varying lifecycles and growing seasons. So what controls one won’t necessarily work for another. For instance, there’s:

  • Broadleaf and grassy weeds. Weeds in the U.S. generally fall into the broadleaf or grassy categories. Broadleaf weeds have flat, wide leaves and include dandelion, wild violet, henbit, purslane and chickweed. Grassy weeds, however, look and act like grass. In fact, simply by caring for your lawn, you could inadvertently be helping to maintain grassy weeds – such as crabgrass – in your yard.
  • Annual and perennial weeds. Another factor that impacts how and when to treat weeds involves their lifecycles. Some weeds are annuals, meaning they grow in multiple times during just one year. Others are perennials and can come back for several seasons.
  • Cool-season and warm-season weeds. Growing seasons also vary, depending on the weed. For instance, some weeds like the warmer temperatures of spring and summer, and others thrive during cooler seasons of the year.

If you’re noticing any of these weeds in your lawn – and they’re spreading fast – it’s important to connect with local weed control professionals in the Mount Pleasant area. As weeds grow, they take up space and many types even crowd out healthy grass. Not only that, but some weeds can even compete with your lawn and plants for essential resources, like water, nutrients and sunlight, causing damage in the process.

Turn to Our Mount Pleasant Area Lawn Weed Control Experts

At Lawn Doctor of Charleston, we know weed control – and lawn care, too. That means not only can we identify, treat and control weeds in your lawn, but also spot any other underlying factors, such as a nutrient deficiency or soil compaction, that could be contributing to the problem. When you want your lawn to look its best, without all the time and hassle, turn to the lawn weed control team that Mount Pleasant area homeowners consistently rely on: Lawn Doctor of Charleston. We can help.

To learn more or schedule a free lawn weed control consultation and estimate, simply call the Moumt Pleasant, SC area’s experts in weed control:
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