Tick Control in Charleston

Yard Armour Tick Control in Charleston Did you know that scientists have discovered at least a dozen diseases caused by ticks during the last 50 years? While Lyme is certainly the most prevalent – with a 50% jump in the number of people infected since 1991 – there are many other illnesses and conditions caused by ticks. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your lawn is protected and your family safe with tick control services in Charleston, SC.

At Lawn Doctor of Charleston, we are experts in tick control, so they don’t come back and re-infest your lawn. We even have an exclusively designed program – Yard Armour® – for the most targeted treatments and the best results. It works by providing:

  • Prevention for ticks. Lawn Doctor of Charleston has experienced tick control technicians will offer you expert advice and recommendations on how to keep ticks out of your yard. We can also provide a protective barrier treatment around your property to deter ticks from entering.
  • Control for ticks. With our Yard Armour® treatment applications at Lawn Doctor of Charleston, we can treat, suppress, and control ticks around your lawn, as well as your patio, landscape beds, and any areas on your property where ticks like to hide. You’ll see tick numbers greatly reduced after our treatments.
  • Ongoing maintenance for continued protection. We don’t stop there. With our tick control services, Lawn Doctor of Charleston provides routine inspections and assessments to ensure your lawn isn’t under attack again. We can also provide ongoing maintenance to protect against the threat of a future infestation.

How You Can Control Ticks at Home

Closeup picture of a tick on a green leafPart of our Yard Armour® tick control program at Lawn Doctor of Charleston includes educating our customers about what they can do at home to keep ticks at bay. Some recommendations include:

  • Ensuring your lawn is well-maintained, with grass mowed regularly, and trees and shrubs pruned.
  • Keeping your lawn clean and clear of debris, such as wood and leaf piles, where ticks like to hide.
  • Putting plants that naturally deter ticks around your yard. These include eucalyptus, sage, rosemary, and garlic.
  • Re-considering bird feeders, which attract tick-carrying rodents. If you do have them in your lawn, make sure they’re not sitting on the ground.
  • Installing a fence, mulch, or rock barrier around your lawn. A fence will keep deer, which often carry ticks, out of your lawn. A barrier will deter ticks from getting into your lawn on their own.

Call in Lawn Doctor of Charleston for Proven Tick Control

At Lawn Doctor of Charleston, we know how to control a tick infestation. In the process, we can keep your lawn, family and pets well-protected. You can therefore enjoy a safer, healthier yard –guaranteed.

Call Lawn Doctor of Charleston today at 843.873.5711 for your free lawn evaluation and tick assessment. Our traditional and natural tick control services are available to homeowners in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, Summerville, and the neighboring communities.