The Secret to Green Grass in Fuquay Varina

Green grass in Fuquay Varina next to a long drive way leading to a large house.Maintaining a lawn full of green grass is a point of pride for any homeowner in Fuquay Varina. However, keeping your grass green throughout the year can be a challenge. For a full, lush, and healthy yard through the seasons, leave it in the hands of your local lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County. We offer area homeowners a long list of comprehensive treatments for bright and attractive lawns without the backbreaking yard work and headaches that come along with DIY lawn maintenance. With our proven services and industry expertise, we bring green grass to our neighbors all over the Fuquay Varina, Garner, Clayton, Holly Springs, Knightdale, and Willow Springs, NC areas.

How We Help Fuquay Varina Area Residents Achieve Green Grass Year-Round

Green grass, instead of being achieved through some miracle treatment, is achieved through a series of treatments that ensure your lawn’s overall health. Healthy lawns in Fuquay Varina look better, brighter, and more full, which is why a comprehensive treatment plan is essential. Here are a few of the treatments involved in keeping your lawn green throughout the year:


Your lawn needs nutrients to grow strong and healthy, and to fend off invasions of diseases and weeds. Our short and long-term fertilization treatments at Lawn Doctor of Southern Wake County utilize nutrient-dense fertilizers that boost your yard’s nutrient and mineral content, allowing it to support continuous growth and keep unsightly exterior threats at bay, yielding better-looking green grass in Fuquay Varina.

Lawn Seeding for Fescue Lawns

Sometimes fescue lawns need a helping hand to stay full and fend off the patches and spots that can occur from incomplete germination. We utilize power seeding treatments to fill in spots, thicken thinning turf, and boost germination for lush, even lawns. Power seeding distributes seed more effectively than hand seeding or seeding with other methods, yielding superior results and a lawn that stays thicker for longer.

Aeration for All Types of Lawn Grasses

All lawns can become compacted over time, and compacted soil can take a heavy toll on your lawn’s overall health. Aeration treatments relieve compacted soil and its accompanying symptoms by allowing the soil to decompress, reinstating access to the nutrients, oxygen, and water your yard needs to support healthy growth.

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