Fall Lawn Care in Westfield: Tips for a Dazzling Spring Lawn

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing fall lawn care in WestfieldWhen it comes to your lawn, fall is the most important season. It’s the time when your turf is recovering after a summer of foot traffic, heat, and drought. It’s also preparing to survive the rigors of a harsh New Jersey winter ahead. So what you do now will have a huge impact on how it grows back come spring. What are some essential steps to take? Lawn Doctor of Union County has the answers. As fall lawn care specialists in the Westfield, NJ area, we know exactly what you need to do now to yield stunning results down the line. Here are some do’s and don’ts:

Do remove dead leaves. Piles of leaves create soggy, dark conditions, perfect for fungal infections. Instead, make sure your lawn is free and clear of a heavy layer of leaves.

Don’t mow too short. Scalping your lawn stresses it out so it will have a harder time getting through winter. Cut only 1/3 off at a time and continue to do so until it goes dormant.

Don’t skip that last fertilization treatment. A final fall fertilization application provides critical care and energy for lawns in the Westfield area. It helps to repair summer damage, as well as fortify turf for the winter ahead.

Do aerate compacted soil. Your lawn takes a beating over summer, which can often lead to soil compaction. Loosen up this condition by aerating your lawn.

Do seed bare or damaged areas. Don’t let weeds and diseases take over thin or bald spots. If you have a few damaged areas, spot seed. For a thicker lawn overall, overseed.

Don’t forget about broadleaf weeds. Dandelions and other broadleaf species are taking in resources for winter. Now’s the time to treat them, so they’ll absorb more product right into the roots.

Let Westfield’s Fall Lawn Care Team Help

Don’t have time for all these do’s and don’ts in your lawn? Get help from the fall lawn care professionals trusted all over the Westfield area. While you continue to mow and rake, Lawn Doctor of Union County can get to work customizing a plan and schedule that optimizes turf health, so it grows back better than ever in the spring ahead.

Get started today by calling Lawn Doctor of Union County at (732) 246-1101 for a free consultation. We offer fall lawn care in the Westfield, Union County, Scotch Plains, Clark, and Cranford, NJ areas.