Weed Control in Westfield: How We Can Help

Close up of blades of grass showing weed control in WestfieldWeed control is an ever-present problem for homeowners across the Westfield, NJ area. Not only do these unwanted plants look ugly, but once they get established, they can be tough to eradicate. However, with Lawn Doctor of Union County, we make the job easy. We don’t do one-time sprays, but will instead get to the root of what’s making your yard more susceptible and then deliver customized treatments all through our comprehensive Lawn Maintainer program. Here’s how our weed control in Westfield works.

Weed Control for Westfield-Area Lawns in 3 Easy Steps

When weeds are taking over, they’re also taking away critical resources, like space and nutrients, from your lawn. This weakens it over time and makes it more vulnerable to future infestations. That’s where Lawn Doctor of Union County’s Lawn Maintainer program comes in. We’ll not only control weeds of all kinds common to the Westfield area, from those on the surface to ones still developing in the soil, but also fortify your grass so it’s healthier and stronger. This includes with:

Pre-emergent treatments. We’ll stop the development process for those young seedlings in the soil trying to take root and make a home in your lawn. Not only will this stop them from emerging, but also dropping their seeds and repopulating your yard.

Post-emergent treatments. From broadleaf and grassy to annual and perennial, we know weeds of all kinds common in the Westfield area and how to control each and every one. We’ll identify the ones in your lawn, then deliver treatments specifically designed to suppress the species you have.

Fertilization applications. A weak lawn leads to more weeds. That’s why a critical part of Lawn Doctor of Union County’s approach to weed control involves fertilization. We’ll fortify your grass, so it can stand strong when weeds try to attack. Not only that, but it will look greener and lusher, too.

Turf Tamer® Equipment: For Better Weed Control Coverage

With Lawn Doctor of Union County, you can expect consistent results from our services, each and every time. This is thanks, in part, to our sophisticated Turf Tamer equipment. Using a state-of-the-art ground-metering system, it measures an ideal amount of product and then delivers it evenly across your whole lawn, never missing an inch. It’s also built with a 16-horsepower engine for fast, efficient applications that never do any damage to your grass.

Ready to get started? Call Lawn Doctor of Union County today at (732) 246-1101 and set up a free consultation. We’ll explain more about our weed control in the Westfield, Union County, Scotch Plains, Clark, and Cranford, NJ areas.