Custom Lawn Care

Custom Care That Results in a Beautiful Lawn

Lawn Doctor’s trained technicians are always monitoring the health and appearance of our customers’ outdoor landscape. When we see an area for improvement, we provide recommendations for custom care services that will address those concerns.
Our FREE lawn care evaluation is the first step in identifying your specific lawn requirements.

Throughout the season, our technicians will continue to assess your outdoor living space and if needed, provide custom services to address common issues. These services include:

Power Seeding – Bare, damaged, thinning lawns are brought back to life with Lawn Doctor’s patented power seeding application.

Power Core Aeration – Improve the health of your lawn by removing thousands of tiny soil plugs and opening the root zone with core aeration.

Lime Application – Proper pH balance is crucial to the health of your lawn. Lawn Doctor’s specially-formulated lime application maintains the perfect soil acidity, optimizing fertilizer effectiveness, reducing fungus problems and minimizing thatch build up. (link to pH Balancing).

Soil Enrichment – A healthy lawn starts with healthy soil. Our soil enrichment program improves soil structure which promotes a strong root system, resulting in a lawn that is naturally resistant to pests and disease.

Flea and Tick Control – Your family’s outdoor enjoyment is jeopardized by annoying and harmful pests. Our flea and tick applications and Yard Armour program are designed to help ensure the safety and health of your family and pets. You won’t know you have a pest infestation problem until it’s too late. Don’t risk the health of your family and pets!

Our Solutions are About More Than Just Lawns

Lawn Doctor’s comprehensive Tree and Shrub Care program is designed to protect your landscape investment by providing stronger root development, increased disease defense, richer color, fuller foliage and increased growth for your entire landscape.

*Some restrictions apply.