Lawn Weed Control: Crabgrass Tips in Harrison

Crabgrass loves the heat. In fact, when conditions are hot and dry, it can grow both quickly and aggressively, taking over whole areas of your lawn. How can homeowners in the Harrison, OH area get this invasive grassy weed under control in their lawns? With these lawn weed control tips from the experts at Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati.

Take proper care of your lawn. When it comes to crabgrass, it has a halawn weed control in harrison rd time getting established in lawns that are healthy and strong. In fact, a well-maintained lawn is your best natural defense against all types of weeds, not just crabgrass.

Specifically, during summer, this means you should be mindful of your mowing heights. Most of the lawns in this area should be mowed at 3 to 3 1/2″.  Never mow off more than 1/3 of grass height at a time. As the local Harrison area lawn weed control experts, we know doing so will stress your lawn and make it more susceptible to a crabgrass infestation.

Likewise, don’t water your lawn frequently for a few minutes at a time. This encourages shallow root growth, which makes it easy for crabgrass to move in and take over.

Use a post-emergent herbicide. If you’re noticing crabgrass growing throughout your lawn, you can apply a post-emergent product. Just make sure you go easy on it so that you don’t damage existing turf. Unlike a pre-emergent product, this type of treatment works to kill the plant as it’s growing, once it has already germinated.

Be careful with hand removal. As soon as you notice unsightly weeds in your lawn, it’s tempting to pull them by hand. But one single crabgrass weed leaves thousands of seeds behind in the soil. So even if you get rid of existing weeds this year, new ones will simply come back next year.

Pre-emergent treatment is key. When it comes to controlling crabgrass in your lawn, another effective approach is to apply a pre-emergent product in the spring. The best time is just before the soil temperature consistently hits around 55 to 60 degrees. That’s when crabgrass seeds start germinating, so you need to treat your turf just before then.

Get Lawn Weed Control Help In the Harrison Area

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