Lawn Care Tips: Protecting Trees and Shrubs from Weather Damage in the Harrison Area

William Harbin Park manicured by Lawn Doctor with lawn care in HarrisonOhio winters aren’t just hard on people. They’re tough on trees and shrubs, too. From brutally cold temperatures to salt and sun reflecting off snow, it can take a toll on the health of these larger plantings. What can you do to protect your yard and your investment in it? Our Harrison, OH area lawn care experts have the answers:

Keep trees and shrubs well hydrated through fall. During the fall, it’s important to ensure your plantings have enough water to stay healthy. If they’re not getting it through rainfall, then water once a week, ensuring water reaches around 12 to 18 inches deep. Making sure your plants are adequately hydrated will help to combat dehydration – which can cause branches to break off – and keep trees and shrubs healthy and strong. Besides watering, you can also apply an anti-desiccant spray to inhibit moisture loss.

Cut off weak, dead or broken branches. While you don’t want to cut back your trees and shrubs dramatically in the fall – which can encourage new growth – you do want to get rid of any branches that are dead or dying. As Harrison, OH area lawn care experts, we know if they stay on, they can make the tree or shrub more susceptible to winter disease and injury. Likewise, they could break and fall off during harsh winter weather, causing damage to your property.

Mulch around trees and shrubs. Mulching can be especially helpful during cold weather extremes. By applying around four to five inches of mulch to cover the root zone, you can help your larger plantings better withstand temperature fluctuations by protecting the roots. Just don’t apply too heavy of a layer against the trunks or stems, which can make the area attractive for rodents and pests.

Wrap fragile or young plants. If you have trees and shrubs that are newly planted or aren’t hardy, then wrap them in cloth or burlap to protect them from high winds and inclement weather conditions. Just avoid using plastic to wrap them, which can cause sun damage.

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