Winter Tips from the Griffith Area’s Lawn Care Service Experts

green grass treated with lawn care service in griffithThis time of year in West Lake County is the season for pumpkins and turkeys, with jingle bells on the horizon. Yard work is therefore probably far from your mind. But at Lawn Doctor of West Lake County, we are lawn care service experts that know for homeowners in Griffith and throughout Northwest Indiana, it should still be on your task list during late fall and winter. To help ensure your lawn gets what it needs and comes back stronger than ever in spring, here are a few important tips from Lawn Doctor of West Lake County:

  • Clean up and clear out. Clean up your lawn before the first snowfall. Get rid of piles of leaves and wood, toys, lawn furniture, and anything else that can block out sunlight from reaching grass, or create conditions for fungus and disease. If you have a heavy layer of matted leaves on your lawn, rake it up to avoid the spread of infection.
  • Nourish grass and treat weeds. Before the first frost, fertilize your lawn one last time to deliver a dose of key essentials before it goes dormant. Also, apply herbicide to problem weeds in your lawn.
  • Keep plantings protected. For those trees and shrubs that are young or more susceptible to winter injury, use a protective fabric, such as burlap, to cover them.
  • Minimize salt use. Salt is important to avoid slips and falls. Just don’t overdo it. Apply enough to keep your driveways and walkways safe, but try to keep it off grass and out of plant beds.
  • Discourage heavy foot traffic. As Griffith and Northwest Indiana area lawn care service experts, we know that foot traffic during winter can do a number on grass. Try to discourage it by keeping walkways and driveways clear.
  • Winterize your equipment. Before putting away your lawn mower and weed wacker for the season, winterize them. That means changing the oil, draining out fuel, and tuning up or fixing any broken parts. Be sure to sharpen your mower blades, too.
  • Prune dormant trees and shrubs. When you do, focus on those branches that are dead, dying, or look weak or diseased. They can potentially fall off and cause damage or injury once covered with a layer of snow.

Get More Help from Griffith Area Proven Lawn Care Service Experts

As lawn care service experts, we know that for homeowners across the Griffith area, as well as Northwest Indiana, yard work can often seem like a full-time job. Why not get help from your local team of lawn care professionals? At Lawn Doctor of West Lake County, we can provide you with a thorough lawn evaluation, customized service recommendations, leading-edge equipment, and premium products and materials. Our approach can work wonders in your lawn – so you get a yard you’ll simply love.

Setting up your free consultation is as easy as calling Lawn Doctor of West Lake County at 219.440.7098. Whether you live in the Griffith area, or elsewhere in Northwest Indiana, such as Dyer, Saint John, Crown Point, Munster, or Schererville, IN, our lawn care service technicians can bring out your lawn’s natural health and beauty.