Lawn Weed Control in the Griffith Area

If you have a yard – whether it’s a small space in town, or a sprawling piece of property in the country – then you have weeds. And when it comes to controlling them, there is no one solution that works for all weeds. It depends on the kinds you have in your lawn. Why not leave the hassle and guesswork out of it and let the lawn weed control professionals at Lawn Doctor of West Lake County help? Not only do we know weeds that are commonly found in Griffith and throughout Northwest Indiana, but also how to treat and suppress them, guaranteed.

Why Weed Control is So Complicated 

blades of grass treated with lawn weed control in griffith

Weeds do more than just look unattractive in your lawn. Some types can also suck up water, sunlight and nutrients that your grass needs. As your lawn weakens, weeds gain strength, growing and spreading. And, as lawn weed control specialists for Griffith and

Northwest Indiana, we know that getting them under control is tricky. There are literally hundreds of different types of weeds that grow in different seasons, making it hard to know what to treat weeds with and when. For instance, there’s:

  • Grassy and broadleaf weeds. Grassy weeds both look and act like grass. Common types include crabgrass, foxtail and orchard grass. Broadleaf weeds, however, are easier to recognize with wide, flat leaves. Some examples include dandelion, clover, wild violet and purslane.
  • Perennial and annual weeds. Besides type, weeds can also differ by lifecycle. Perennials, for instance, grow back over the course of several seasons. Annuals, however, grow in multiple times during one year.
  • Warm-season and cool-season weeds. Some weeds are warm-season, which means they grow best during the warm temperatures of spring and summer. Other weeds are cool-season, growing throughout the cooler times of the year.

Let Griffith’s Lawn Weed Control Experts Do the Work

With Lawn Doctor of West Lake County, you can stop struggling with unsightly weeds that detract from your lawn’s health and beauty. When you leave the job to our team of lawn weed control experts, you can rest easy with our proven approach. Not only do we have effective pre- and post-emergent weed control solutions, as well as preventative measures, but we also know precisely when to apply them for the best results. When you want weeds controlled and suppressed in your lawn, join homeowners from Griffith and throughout Northwest Indiana who turn to Lawn Doctor of West Lake County for proven solutions.

To learn more or schedule a free in-person estimate, simply call Lawn Doctor of West Lake County today at 219.440.7098. Our lawn weed control services are available for local lawns and local customers in Griffith, Schererville, Munster, Saint John, Crown Point, and Dyer, IN.