Yard Armour® Mosquito Control by Lawn Doctor of Griffith

Yard Armour Mosquito ControlStop mosquitoes from sucking the fun out of your summer evenings with Lawn Doctor of Griffith. Our Yard Armour mosquito control system will keep mosquitoes away from your property, making your summer evenings more peaceful and protecting your family against mosquito-borne illness like West Nile Virus. At Lawn Doctor of Griffith, we guarantee all of our mosquito control applications and customize our services for every client and every yard we protect.

Griffith’s Mosquito Control Experts

Mosquito biting on human skinWhether you’re looking for year-round protection or a one-time treatment, Lawn Doctor of Griffith will provide you with the resources and expertise you need to reduce the impact of mosquitoes on your property. Our Yard Armour system works in three simple steps to relieve mosquito issues:

  • Mosquito Prevention. We apply barrier treatments that stop mosquitoes before they invade your property and work with you on strategies to reduce mosquitoes’ favorite hiding places and breeding grounds.
  • Mosquito Control. We target existing mosquito populations by going after adult mosquitoes, mosquito larvae, and mosquito eggs.
  • Routine Mosquito Treatments. Under our routine Lawn Maintainer program, we’ll make regular treatments to keep mosquitoes away year-round.

Our Specialty Mosquito Control Treatments

Looking for specialized mosquito protection? Lawn Doctor of Griffith offers a range of specialty mosquito control programs that can be combined with our Yard Armour system or chosen separately. These specialty options include:

  • Special Event Mosquito Control. We offer specialized treatments to keep mosquitoes away from big backyard events.
  • Natural Mosquito Prevention. For homeowners looking for the greenest pest control possible, our natural mosquito prevention plans harness the power of natural materials to repel mosquito populations.

The Lawn Doctor of Griffith Guarantee

At Lawn Doctor of Griffith, we pride ourselves on putting the “care” in lawn care. Over the years, we’ve built a rock-solid reputation for our unbending commitment to our clients, exemplified in the Lawn Doctor of Griffith guarantee – the strongest service guarantee in the entire Griffith area. Unhappy with one of our treatments? Let us know, and we’ll set it right. It’s that simple.

Protect Yourself with Yard Armour Today

Start protecting your lawn and your family with Yard Armour mosquito control today by calling 219-440-7098. Lawn Doctor of Griffith proudly serves homeowners throughout the Griffith area, including those in Munster, Crown Point, St. John, Schererville, and Dyer.