Tick Control in Griffith

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass after Lawn Doctor provided Tick Control in GriffithNoticing more and more ticks in your lawn over the past few years? Populations are on the rise everywhere and so are the cases of the diseases they carry, from Lyme to Rocky Mountain spotted fever and others. That’s why proactive protection is key and where Lawn Doctor of West Lake County can help. We offer tick control in Griffith and throughout Northwest Indiana that is proven to destroy these pests and make sure they don’t come back. In the process, we’ll protect your lawn and loved ones, giving you more peace of mind.

How Yard Armour Tick Control Works

At Lawn Doctor of West Lake County, we are experts when it comes to delivering tick treatments. We even offer a comprehensive approach, Yard Armour®, that provides multi-layered protection. With this program, you don’t have to stress about whether ticks are in your yard and perform checks each time you head inside. Simply place the problem in our hands and we’ll deliver:

  • Education. Our technicians understand ticks and how they enter local lawns; typically on the coats of deer and other animals. We’ll evaluate your lawn, and offer advice and recommendations on how to keep ticks out and remove the places where they like to hide.
  • Treatments. We offer time-tested treatments using cutting-edge equipment to apply them, ensuring complete coverage and powerful suppression. We will reduce the number of ticks in your lawn dramatically. If you’d like us to do this in a natural way, we even offer natural tick control in Griffith and throughout Northwest Indiana, as well.
  • Ongoing protection. We’ll do more than treat your lawn once, but offer multiple treatments, timed around the lifecycle of the tick. This means additional barrier sprays that keep protection high and ensure it is ongoing during the entire outdoor season. Life outside will be more enjoyable with the help of our team.

Tick Control, Backed by One of the Best Guarantees in Griffith

At Lawn Doctor of West Lake County, we are your source for a powerful and proven program for tick control in Griffith and across Northwest Indiana. Our tick control products are effective and – combined with our expert technicians – you’ll get a lawn that is more comfortable minus an infestation of these tiny creatures. If, however, you spot a problem and you’re not happy, let us know. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on our services.

It’s just another reason we’re the top choice for tick control in Griffith, Dyer, Saint John, Crown Point, Munster, Schererville, and nearby areas in Northwest IN. Contact us today for a free quote.