Lawn Fertilization for the Frankenmuth Area

yard with lawn fertilization in MidlandIn order to grow, thrive, and achieve that brilliant green color, your lawn needs key nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorous. But conditions like insufficient rainfall, pests, or weeds can lead to nutrient deficiencies. This can result in patchy, yellowing grass, or an overgrowth of weeds. If you’re noticing that your lawn doesn’t look as good as it once did, lawn fertilization may be the answer. And as Frankenmuth’s lawn fertilization specialists, Lawn Doctor of Mid-Michigan can help.

Why Fertilization is Key to a Beautiful Lawn

Fertilizing is one of the most crucial steps you can take in keeping your lawn healthy from root to grass tips. Not only does the right lawn fertilization plan deliver essential nutrients to your lawn, but it also helps your grass better handle common stressors, such as foot traffic, regular mowing, extreme heat and cold, and droughts. Additionally, it helps your yard become more resistant to pest and weed problems. In fact, with the proper lawn fertilization program in place, your yard can grow thicker and greener much faster.

Why We’re Frankenmuth’s Lawn Fertilization Specialists

At Lawn Doctor of Mid-Michigan, we take a custom approach to lawn fertilization for our Frankenmuth customers. We know that not every lawn is the same and each requires its own unique fertilization program.

When you work with us, we will:

  • Take the time to evaluate your lawn, grass types, and soil quality, as well as take into account any important environmental factors that could be impacting its health.
  • Design a custom fertilization plan that delivers the right mix of key nutrients – the exact nutrients your particular lawn needs – at the right times, producing gorgeous results.
  • Put our exclusive Turf Tamer® lawn equipment to use to cover every inch of your lawn with the optimal amount of fertilizer.
  • Use fertilizers enriched with essential nutrients, such as potassium and nitrogen, and slow-release fertilizers, which encourage consistent growth and greener grass.

Sick and tired of yellow, patchy spots in your lawn? It’s time to call in the experts. At Lawn Doctor of Mid-Michigan, we provide lawn fertilization services to customers in Saginaw, Frankenmuth, Freeland, and Bay City. And we can help you too!

Just call our Frankenmuth office today at 989.652.8750 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation for lawn fertilization services.