Lawn Aeration in the Frankenmuth Area

You dream of a picture perfect lawn with thick growth and vibrant color. But between backyard parties and neighborhood games of tag, your lawn is looking worn out and weak. Did you know it may be due to soil compaction and thatch build-up? When this happens, air pockets in your soil collapse and roots begin to suffocate. Not only that, but nutrients and water can’t penetrate. It’s a recipe for an unhealthy lawn – and an unhappy homeowner. Let the Frankenmuth area’s aeration experts at Lawn Doctor of Mid-Michigan help.

Why Aeration is Good for Your LawnLawn Doctor expert check the soil before lawn aeration in Midland

Aerating your lawn simply opens it up so it can breathe again. There are two different methods to consider. The first involves using spikes on a roller. The second, more effective approach is called core aeration, which is what Lawn Doctor of Mid-Michigan uses. It relies on specialized equipment to remove small plugs of soil, enabling your lawn to decompress and break down thatch build-up. This, in turn, helps your lawn to:

  • Grow stronger, deeper roots
  • Better withstand heat
  • Better absorb water, sunlight, and nutrients
  • Fight off diseases and insects
  • Produce thicker turf and more vibrant color

Looking for Signs of Soil Compaction

Some soils are simply more prone to compaction. For instance, soil consisting of clay will compact more easily than other types of more porous soils. Other signs homeowners can look for that indicate the need for lawn aeration include weak growth and standing water that runs off, instead of being absorbed into the grass. If you’re still not sure if compaction is a problem in your yard, take a screwdriver and try to dig it into the soil. If it’s a struggle – and hard to get through the thick layer of thatch and rock-hard dirt – then your lawn needs to be aerated.

Timing Lawn Aeration Right

As the Frankenmuth area’s lawn care experts, Lawn Doctor of Mid-Michigan knows timing is everything when it comes to proper aeration. It’s important to perform aeration just before the start of your grass type’s active growing season. Grass will then grow quickly right after aeration, filling in the cored out holes. For cool season grass types, such as fescue, ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass, fall and early spring are good times to aerate. For warm season grasses, like Bermuda and Buffalo, opt for late spring.

Lawn Aeration Experts in the Frankenmuth Area

You can certainly rent an aeration machine and do the work yourself. But the equipment is heavy and hard to use – and mistakes are costly to your turf. Instead, leave the work to the Frankenmuth area’s aeration experts: Lawn Doctor of Mid-Michigan. As a locally owned and operated lawn care company, we understand the unique needs of local lawns. Our experienced and professional technicians know what it takes to achieve thicker growth, more vibrant color, and a healthier, stronger lawn. In fact, in the weeks and months following aeration, you’ll see noticeable results.

At Lawn Doctor of Mid-Michigan, we offer aeration services to homeowners in Frankenmuth as well as Freeland, Bay City, and Saginaw. Call us today at 989.652.8750 to learn more or to set up your free consultation.