Lawn Weed Control in the Frankenmuth Area

Beyond regular mowing and watering, the right lawn weed control plan is essential for a strong, healthy lawn. But if you’re not sure what to apply and when, then leave the work to the Frankenmuth area’s weed control team at Lawn Doctor of Mid-Michigan. We understand the common weeds local homeowners face and have all the right products and equipment to help you win the fight against them. Go enjoy your day while we get to work cultivating a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Why Weed Control Matters in Your Lawn

For many homeowners in the Frankenmuth area, lawn weed control is one of those tasks they’ll get Close up of blades of grass that use lawn weed control in MIdlandto if they have time. However, if you don’t treat weeds as soon as you notice a problem, they’ll simply spread. In the process, they can do serious damage to your lawn, starving grass of key nutrients and other essentials like sunlight and oxygen. But before you make a move to get weeds under control, you need to know the kinds that are growing in your lawn.

Weeds in the U.S. are generally either grassy weeds or broadleaf weeds. Grassy weeds are named as such because they look like grass. They also thrive under the same conditions as grass, making them harder to control. As you’re caring for your lawn, you’re also inadvertently caring for these weeds, too. Broadleaf weeds, on the other hand, have a wide variety of looks, all characterized by broader leaves. Examples include dandelions, wild violet, clover, purslane, and chickweed.

Grassy and broadleaf weeds can also fall under the category of annual or perennial. Annuals typically make their way into local lawns carried in seed form by the wind or birds. They can grow in multiple times during the course of one year. Perennials, however, come back season after season. As a result, they get more established in your lawn, making them more difficult to get under control.

Beyond lifespan, growing seasons are also different for weeds. Some weeds, called cool-season, like the cooler temperatures of fall through spring. Warm-season weeds, on the other hand, thrive during spring and summer.

Need Help? Turn to the Frankenmuth Area’s Lawn Weed Control Experts 

If you’re not sure what kinds of weeds you have in your lawn, or don’t have the time or expertise to properly deal with them, call in the Frankenmuth area’s experts in lawn weed control. At Lawn Doctor of Mid-Michigan, we know that with the right approach, a thick, healthy lawn is within easy reach. And we have the localized knowledge, proven approach, and exclusive equipment to help you get there. We even back every service with the best guarantee in the business.

Our lawn weed control services are available to homeowners across Frankenmuth, Freeland, Bay City, and Saginaw, MI. To set up your free consultation and service estimate, call Lawn Doctor of Mid-Michigan today at 989.652.8750.