Mosquito Control Services in the North Oklahoma City Area

Yard Armour Mosquito ControlSick of slathering on mosquito repellent whenever you step into your backyard? Tired of having to put out mosquito lamps and lanterns? Stop battling mosquitoes – and gain control over them instead – with Lawn Doctor of Edmond-OKC. As the North Oklahoma City area’s mosquito control specialists, we know how to target and drastically cut down on mosquito populations. And we back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Yard Armour®: Your Best Defense Against Mosquitoes

Our Yard Armour program is a top choice for mosquito control among homeowners across the North Oklahoma City area. We start the process by evaluating your property to identify breeding areas and problem spots. Then we explain the options available to you and the schedule we recommend for your property.

With Yard Armour, we focus on three key areas:

  • Preventing mosquitoes from breeding and thriving. Once we’ve determined where mosquitoes are breeding, we will recommend steps you can take to eliminate these sites throughout your property.
  • Controlling existing populations. We apply products specifically designed to target adults, eggs, and larvae, providing protection against future outbreaks.
  • Maintaining an enjoyable yard. Our ongoing maintenance applications keep mosquitoes under control so you can enjoy a safe, healthy yard.

Special Event Mosquito Control in the North Oklahoma City Area

The last thing you want is a swarm of mosquitoes attacking your guests and ruinimosquito control infographicng the ambiance on your big day. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday, graduation, or even a neighborhood barbecue, our one-time special event applications can provide a protective barrier against unwanted pests. With our mosquito control, you can focus on hosting and having fun, not fighting off mosquitoes.

Mosquito Control the Natural Way

Interested in a greener way to control mosquitoes in your yard? Our Yard Armour services are available with all-natural products if you choose. In fact, our natural mosquito control services for customers in the North Oklahoma City area are safe, effective, and eco-friendly. We also offer a Mosquito Sentry® Repellent System for continuous protection. This unit emits timed bursts of an all-natural, vaporized repellent and can be used as a supplement to any of our mosquito control services.

Are mosquitoes getting out of hand in your backyard? Call Lawn Doctor of Edmond-OKC today at 405.509.2266. We provide mosquito control services to customers in Piedmont, Arcadia, and throughout the North Oklahoma City area.