Lawn Weed Control in Edmond

Aggressive dandelions. Stubborn crabgrass. Pesky clover. They’re more than just ugly to look at. These weeds are a challenge for homeowners across Edmond, OK to get under control in their lawns. But at Lawn Doctor of Edmond-OKC, we can help. We offer the proven lawn weed control strategies, custom-blended materials and experienced technicians to treat and suppress even the most invasive weeds, so you can get your lawn back.

Why Weed Control Matters for a Strong, Healthy LawnClose up of blades of lawn weed control grass

When it comes to weeds, they’re more than just a nuisance. Some weeds can actually compete with your grass for water, nutrients and light. And as they spread, there’s less room for grass to grow, impacting the look and overall health of your lawn. What’s more is that with so many different weed types, one solution doesn’t work for all. That’s why, before you make a move, you first need to know the kinds of weeds you’re dealing with.

  • Broadleaf or grassy? Weeds generally fall into one of these two categories. Broadleaf are those weeds with wide, flat leaves, and some can even flower. Examples include dandelion, wild violet, clover and chickweed. Grassy weeds resemble grass in both style and texture, and grow under the same conditions.
  • Annual or perennial? Annual weeds are those weeds that grow in several times during one year, such as crabgrass, barnyardgrass, yellow foxtail, goosegrass, ragweed and purslane. Perennial, like dandelion, plantain and ground ivy, grow back season after season for several years.
  • Cool-season or warm-season? Cool-season weeds favor the lower temperatures found from fall through spring. Warm-season weeds, however, grow best during spring and summer.

Get Lawn Weed Control Help from Lawn Doctor of Edmond-OKC

If you’re not sure what kinds of weeds you have in your lawn, or don’t know the best approach to treat them, leave the job to the lawn weed control professionals at Lawn Doctor of Edmond-OKC. We know local weeds, including how to identify, treat and suppress them, as well as how to keep them from coming back year after year. From our pre- and post-emergent solutions to our preventative care and maintenance, we are your total source for lawn weed control in the Edmond area.

Ready to take back your lawn from stubborn weeds? Whether you live in Edmond, North Oklahoma City, Piedmont or Arcadia, OK, Lawn Doctor of Edmond-OKC can help with effective lawn weed control solutions. Simply call us today at 405.509.2266 to schedule your free consultation and service estimate.