Lawn Aeration in the North Oklahoma City Area

lawn aeration machine called turf tamerYears of parking vehicles on your lawn and hosting backyard parties can do a number on the soil. It compresses the particles, forces out air and causes soil compaction. And when grass roots don’t get enough oxygen, they suffocate. The good news is you can revive your lawn – and get it breathing again – with lawn aeration services from the North Oklahoma City area’s experts at Lawn Doctor of Edmond-OKC.

What Lawn Aeration Is & Why It Works

Lawn aeration is simply the process of loosening up soil to reduce compaction. While there are several ways to aerate, the best approach to take in the North Oklahoma City area is core lawn aeration.

With core aeration, specialized equipment removes small plugs of soil and thatch from around your yard. This, in turn, opens up the soil, so roots can get more water, nutrients and air, growing stronger and deeper in the process. This means happier grass and a healthier lawn. Not only that, but when your lawn is in good condition, it can withstand heat and drought better, as well as resist weeds, insects and diseases.

How to Tell if Your Lawn Needs Aeration

Do you see standing puddles of water after it rains? Does it seem like your lawn isn’t growing well? Both of these are signs of compaction. There’s also a quick, easy method North Oklahoma City area homeowners can use to test for compaction and the need for lawn aeration. Simply take a shovel or screwdriver and try sticking it into the soil. If you have to work hard to get it in, your soil is likely compacted. Likewise, if you park vehicles on your lawn, or your yard gets a lot of foot traffic, then both can lead to soil compaction. Also, if you have clay soil, which is prone to compaction, you may need to aerate more regularly.

How to Time Aeration Correctly

You know you need to aerate, but when should you do it? Make sure you know what kind of grass type you have in your lawn before calling for lawn aeration services. Aeration should be performed just before the peak growth season, so that the holes will fill quickly with grass. For cool season grass, fall and early spring are both good times to aerate; for warm season grass, late spring is the right time.

When to Call in the Experts for Lawn Aeration

Not sure whether or not your lawn needs aeration? Don’t know what type of grass you have? Want to combine aeration with overseeding? Lawn Doctor of Edmond-OKC is the answer. Whether you’re just noticing signs of compaction, or your grass has major damage from it, we offer all the services you need to bring your lawn back to life.

Whether you live in the North Oklahoma City area, Piedmont or Arcadia, getting started with our lawn aeration services is easy. Simply call Lawn Doctor of Edmond-OKC today at 405.509.2266 to schedule your free consultation.