Lawn Aeration in Rhode Island: What is it and When do you Need it?

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame showing lawn aeration in Rhode IslandLawn aeration is a must for yards across Rhode Island. But when you stop to think about it, you might not know why or exactly what the process entails. Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island can help. Here’s what you need to know about the technique so you and your lawn can take advantage of the benefits.

What is aeration? There are several different methods to use, but the idea behind all of them is to get more air, water, and nutrients flowing into and circulating through the soil. These essentials can then reach the root zone and get absorbed more efficiently.

You can aerate your lawn with spike aeration, which involves using a roller with spikes on it. But if you want the most effective approach, we recommend core aeration. This process actually cuts out small soil plugs (cores) from your lawn, allowing for better absorption of key resources.

Why is it needed? Lawn aeration is needed for multiple reasons but here’s two: soil compaction and surface thatch. Soil gets compacted from foot traffic, lawn mowing, heavy rains, and parking vehicles or equipment on your lawn. Likewise, clay soil is naturally denser and requires frequent aeration. However it happens, it pressures and suffocates grass roots while preventing them from absorbing nutrients and water. Surface thatch, too, poses problems for local lawns. Not only does it block out necessary resources, like sunlight and rain, but it serves as a haven for pests and diseases.

How can you tell if your lawn should be aerated? There are some common signs to look for. Standing water that isn’t absorbing into the soil is a big one. Deficient, patchy grass with spreading weeds are also indications your lawn is growing weaker due to compaction. If you’re not sure, take a screwdriver and try to stick it into the ground. If it doesn’t slide in easily, soil compaction is likely the reason.

Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island: Learn More About Our Lawn Aeration in Rhode Island

Lawn aeration is a job you can perform on your own by renting an aerator. However, these are heavy, hard to use, and can lead to damaging mistakes if not operated correctly. Instead, go relax on your day off and leave the job to the licensed technicians at Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island. Not only can we offer a proven method, proprietary equipment, and plenty of professional experience, but we even provide a 100% service guarantee for your peace of mind.

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