Lawn Aeration in the Rhode Island Area

Soil compaction is a common struggle for many homeowners. Not only does it lead to a rock hard lawn, but as soil gets more compressed, it can suffocate roots. In addition, water and nutrients can’t penetrate and reach roots. It all adds up to a weak lawn prone to weeds, insects, and disease. But you can overcome compaction – and love your lawn again – with aeration from the area’s experts at Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island.

What Are the Benefits of Lawn Aeration?

There are two ways to aerate. Spike aeration involves using a roller with spikes on it to punclawn aeration machine on wheels labeled Turf Tamerh holes into your lawn. Core aeration, which is the method Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island relies on, cores out small plugs of soil in your lawn. This approach is more effective at opening up your soil and enabling key essentials – like sunlight, air, water and nutrients – to get absorbed and reach the root zone. This produces:

  • Stronger roots with more vigorous growth
  • More efficient nutrient and water absorption
  • Better tolerance to drought and heat, and stronger resistance to insects and disease
  • A better environment for beneficial microorganisms to thrive in
  • A more vibrant lawn with thicker grass (especially if you overseed the lawn at the time of aeration)

What Are the Signs My Lawn Needs Aeration?

There are a few common signs homeowners can look for that indicate your lawn could benefit from aeration. These include water that runs off rather than getting absorbed and bald, thinning spots in your lawn. You can also perform the screwdriver or shovel test to check for soil compaction. Simply take a screwdriver or shovel and plunge it into the ground as far as you can get it. If you can only do this with great difficulty, your soil is likely compacted and needs to be aerated.

How Do I Know When to Aerate?

As local aeration experts, Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island knows timing is everything when it comes to proper aeration. Aeration should be performed just before the active growing phase of your grass type. That way, cored out holes will fill quickly as your grass grows. If you have cool season grasses, like ryegrass, bluegrass or fescues, you should aerate in the fall or early spring.

Who Can I Turn to for Help with Aeration?

The answer’s easy: Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island. Whether you live in the East Bay area, the West Bay area or  Westerly to Westport, our aeration services can revive your lawn and help it look its best. Simply call Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island today at 401.392.1025 and schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.