Lawn Fertilization in Rhode Island

Man wearing shirt with green thumb Lawn Doctor logo showing lawn fertilization in Rhode Island

Aiming for greener grass, but struggling to get the ideal results you’re looking for with watering alone? At Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island, we understand exactly what your yard needs to be lush and beautiful. Our lawn fertilization services offer a variety of necessary nutrients that help your grass grow green, healthy, and resistant to diseases and fungus. These services are available throughout Rhode Island, Aquidneck Island, Westport, Somerset, and South Coast Massachusetts. With your local lawn experts by your side, you can finally enjoy a green, healthy lawn all year round.

About Our Lawn Fertilization Services in Rhode Island

Wondering what makes our lawn fertilization services at Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island so special? As experts in the lawn care industry, we know the specific techniques need to ensure that our fertilization process produces optimal results. When fertilizer is applied in an inconsistent manner, you may notice patchy areas and uneven growth. With the help of our Turf Tamer® equipment, we easily provide optimal coverage for ideal results and a consistently green, lush lawn.

Too much fertilizer can also cause problems that are easily avoided with a professional lawn fertilization service like Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island. For example, over-application of fertilizer can encourage thatch build-up, providing a safe refuge for large populations of harmful pests. An overabundance of fertilizer can also lead to runoff that promotes algae overgrowth and is destructive to local wildlife.

In addition to offering the precise amount of fertilizer that your lawn needs, our services use a special slow-release formula that gives your grass a steady flow of nitrogen, a much-needed nutrient that promotes green growth and disease resistance. We also offer natural fertilization services to boost your lawn’s natural defenses, reduce drought stress, and promote healthy root growth.

Ongoing Lawn Fertilization Programs in Rhode Island

Healthy, grass doesn’t have to be a temporary occurrence. With our ongoing lawn fertilization program at Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island, you can enjoy a thick, lush lawn throughout the year. We’ll create a schedule of treatments based on the type of grass in your lawn, upcoming weather conditions, and your yard’s unique specifications. While every lawn is unique, the average number of treatments needed ranges from four to six fertilizer applications each year.

Achieve your dream of a lush lawn with the help of our lawn fertilization services. Call Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island at (401) 392-1025 to get started with our lawn care services for communities in Rhode Island and South Coast Massachusetts.