Tips For Grass Care in Westport: What to Do Between Treatments

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass after Lawn Doctor provided Grass Care in Westport

Through hard work, experience, and a dedication to our craft, Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island has developed a wide range of proven grass care strategies for Westport area lawns. We know how to deliver the right treatments and nutrients to maximize health and growth as well as fend off various outside threats. Our services are convenient, affordable, and come with the security of our industry-leading guarantee*.

In addition to our direct support, we also like to help out by providing guidance and DIY advice for our clients. After all, there are still a few grass care tasks you’ll need to handle on your own. Here are our tips for maintaining healthy and beautiful grass between our professional treatments.

DIY Grass Care Tips For Westport Lawns

Mowing. Proper mowing is quite simple, but there are still a couple of common mistakes to avoid. Many cut their lawns too short, and this can lead to increased weed development & growth and other problems. With every mowing session, you should aim to cut no more than 1/3 of your grass blades. We recommend a height of no shorter than 3 inches and higher in the warmest months of summer. Another common mistake to avoid is cutting your grass with a dull mower blade. Doing so will create uneven grass and can actually open the door to disease development, so be sure to sharpen or replace your blade on a regular basis.

Watering. In order to provide the ideal amount of moisture, you should water your grass twice per week. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, then an every other day schedule usually works just fine. Watering sessions should take place around sunrise. The conditions during this period of the day are ideal for watering, as the rising sun will help to dry up excess water. Be sure to follow any outdoor water usage guidelines from your household water supplier.

Preventing dead spots. Dogs are a common cause of dead spots in many local lawns, as their urine contains nitrates. You can easily prevent this by training your pets to pee in specified areas made of either gravel or mulch.

Expert Grass Care in Your Area

With our proven approach to grass care, you can be sure that important tasks such as fertilization and weed control are done right. Our friendly professionals are ready to deliver excellent results for your grass. We are proud to deliver healthy landscapes for properties throughout Westport and neighboring communities in Southcoast Massachusetts as well as Rhode Island.

When DIY lawn care doesn’t bring the results you desire, contact us for professional grass care in Westport and beyond.