Grass Care in Rhode Island: What Do I Need To Do?

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass after Lawn Doctor provided Grass Care in Rhode Island

Keeping up with the complex needs of your lawn can be difficult work, especially for those lacking experience or time. With our professional grass care, Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island provides a better option. Instead of toiling away in the elements trying to provide the right nutrients and supplemental services for your grass, you can delegate the work to us having confidence in the results and enjoy the security of our guaranteed results*.

To highlight how important experience and knowledge are for the health of your grass, let’s go over some important steps involved in the lawn care process.

Effective Grass Care in Rhode Island

  • Testing. It is essential to carry out pH testing of your soil. This will allow you to identify ongoing problems and take the first step towards a solution.
  • Adaptability. Effective remedies for lawn care issues require you to adapt to changing conditions that Mother Nature throws at us.
  • Proper Nutrition. In order for your lawn to grow and maintain a beautiful appearance, you need to provide appropriate doses of nitrogen and other nutrients for the time of season. Every lawn is unique, so the right fertilizer and/or soil amendments depend on a number of factors. Due to the complex nature of this process, along with the potential costs of making mistakes, you will be glad you let our professionals take over.
  • Fight Outside Threats. With so many environmental threats facing your lawn, it can be hard to keep up. Your lawn is vulnerable to weed growth, pest infestations, soil compaction, disease, severe weather effects, and more. Providing solutions for each of these issues requires a range of skill, knowledge and effective products.

Professional Grass Care in Rhode Island

Our expert service is a great way to maximize the health and beauty of your lawn over the entire season. We offer solutions to provide your grass with proper nutrition, defend against weed infestation, solve soil health issues, and much more. Our experts provide friendly and communicative service that always goes the extra mile. In fact, we back our work with the leading guarantee* in our industry, so you can always trust us to get great results for your lawn.

We offer our affordable and guaranteed grass care services throughout:

  • Rhode Island
  • Surrounding communities of Southcoast Massachusetts

For grass care in Rhode Island and Southcoast Massachusetts, contact us today. 

*Lawn Doctor Guarantee:  “If you are not satisfied with our service, we will reapply the most recent treatment completed at no additional cost to you and continue the regular program for which your property is scheduled OR we will fully refund, if paid, your cost for the prior visit and cancel any obligation for future service on your part.”  To qualify for this guarantee, you must notify us by email, by phone or in writing within 30 days of the visit. Any refund under the guarantee is limited to the cost of one visit only. It does not include reimbursement for repairs caused by insect damage, disease, or damage caused by a third party contractor or the property owner. Damage resulting from climatic experiences not in our control (i.e. drought, flooding, freeze) is not covered under this guarantee. No guarantee applies to any service for which a balance is owed over 30 days.