Tree Care & Shrub Care by Lawn Doctor of Wayne

Your yard is more than just soil and turf. Without proper care, trees and shrubs can wither and die just as easily as grass, spoiling the look of your outdoor space. With Lawn Doctor of Wayne, your yard’s trees and shrubs will receive the expert care and attention they need to thrive in New Jersey’s growing conditions. Our tree care and shrub care program ensures your lawn’s large plants receive the fertilization, micronutrients, and disease/pest control treatments necessary for strong, healthy growth.
Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees done by tree care in background

Wayne’s Tree Care & Shrub Care Experts

As a locally owned and operated lawn care company, one of the chief advantages that comes with Lawn Doctor of Wayne is our knowledge of and familiarity with the Garden State’s climate and growing conditions. Our knowledge of tree and shrub species – and what kind of treatments and care those species need to grow properly in the New Jersey climate – has made us the Wayne area’s first choice when it comes to tree care and shrub care.

Our Tree Care & Shrub Care Services

When you choose Lawn Doctor of Wayne for your yard’s tree care and shrub care, we’ll make sure your trees and shrubs receive everything they need to thrive. Our services are especially valuable for younger, growing trees and shrubs, since young plants are far more vulnerable than older ones.

Tree care and shrub care from Lawn Doctor of Wayne includes:

  • Fertilization & Micronutrients. Our team will make regular applications of fertilizer and micronutrients to ensure your trees/shrubs are well cared for.
  • Disease Control Treatments. Diseases can reach shrubs and trees through birds, animals, and even wind. Our treatments will keep your plants healthy by keeping them protected.
  • Pest Control Treatments. We keep unwanted pests from damaging your plants through targeted treatment applications.

The Lawn Doctor of Wayne Guarantee

At Lawn Doctor of Wayne, we provide more than superior lawn care – we also provide peace of mind. All tree care and shrub care treatments from our team are covered by our service guarantee, promising your total satisfaction with the results.

Call Today for Tree Care/Shrub Care

Call us today at 973-492-9110 to learn more about tree care and shrub care from Lawn Doctor of Wayne, or to book a free assessment and estimate for your lawn’s plants. Our services are available throughout the Wayne area, including Butler, Kinnelon, Paramus, and Clifton.

For all your tree care treatment needs, call Lawn Doctor of Wayne Today at 973-492-9110.