Lawn Seeding in the Wayne Area

Male Lawn Doctor employee wheeling a lawn seeding machine over the lawnA thick, vibrant lawn doesn’t have to be a dream. At Lawn Doctor of Wayne and Northern New Jersey, we can turn it into a reality with our lawn seeding services. If you have an aging lawn, or have never seeded your lawn before, then it’s a prime candidate for power seeding. And our approach goes beyond simply scattering grass seed to actually cutting down on surface thatch and compaction, producing optimal conditions for new seeds to grow.

The Benefits of Power Seeding Your Lawn

Power seeding is the quickest way to produce a lawn that’s the envy of the neighbors. With our exclusive Turf Tamer® equipment, the soil is cultivated first and mixed with the proper amount of seed. As a result, the seed is actually implanted into the soil – rather than simply sitting on top of it – producing better seed-to-soil contact.

Over time, this approach will improve the turf density of your lawn, making it look greener and more vibrant. It will also enhance your lawn’s natural ability to fight off insects and weeds. With lawn seeding services available in Northeast NJ, Butler, Clifton, Paramus and Kinnelon, Lawn Doctor of Wayne and Northern New Jersey is helping area homeowners attain the lawns of their dreams.

Our made-in-America Turf Tamer power seeding equipment offers a number of unique advantages. Our equipment relies on advanced ground-metered technology to ensure even lawn seeding. As a result, you don’t have to worry about sparse areas or clumpy patches of new grass growing in. Likewise, it uses reciprocating action, so your existing turf doesn’t get damaged during the seeding process.

As local lawn seeding experts, Lawn Doctor of Wayne and Northern New Jersey recommends that you introduce new seed into your lawn in autumn. This is an ideal time for a few reasons. With the combination of warmer days, cooler nights, and ample rainfall, it provides the perfect conditions in which fresh seed can get established and grow. During this time, new grass also has less competition from weeds, like dandelions and clover.

The Wayne Area’s Choice for Lawn Seeding

We can offer you expert guidance and professional service every step of the way. From choosing the right grass seed mixture to ensuring even distribution in your lawn, we know how to promote thick, healthy growth. We can also provide a variety of other turf care services, like fertilization and year-round maintenance, to help you get that picture-perfect lawn you’ve always wanted.

Ready to learn more? Call Lawn Doctor of Wayne and Northern New Jersey today at 973.492.9110 for a free evaluation. Our lawn seeding services are available for homeowners in Wayne, Northeast NJ, Butler, Clifton, Paramus and Kinnelon.

Our lawn aeration services can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish. Click here to learn more!