Lawn Aeration in the Wayne Area

Did you know your soil should consist of 25% oxygen? If, however, there isn’t enough airflow – due to compaction and thatch build-up – it will stifle grass roots, eventually suffocating them. The end result is weak grass that looks worn out and thin. The good news is with core aeration from Lawn Doctor of Wayne and Northern New Jersey, we can help your lawn breathe again, producing the lush, healthy lawn you’ve always wanted.

What Aeration Can Do for Your Lawn

When it comes to lawn aeration, there are a couple approaches to take. The first is called spike aeration and simply uses spikes on a roller to poke holes in your lawn. The second approach, core or plug aeration, is more effective and longer lasting. At Lawn Doctor of Wayne and Northern New Jersey, that’s the approach we use with our aeration services. By removing or coring out small plugs of soil from throughout your yard, we can help:

  • Strengthen your lawn’s roots by giving them room to breathe
  • Improve the absorption of fertilizer, ensuring more nutrients reach the roots
  • Enhance water usage so it’s more efficient
  • Breakdown thatch and support the beneficial organisms in your lawn that consume thatch
  • Improve heat absorption.
  • Produce thicker and more luscious growth in the weeks and months following aeration
An employee at Lawn Doctor performing lawn aeration services

Do You Need to Aerate Your Lawn?

You have dense clay soil. There’s weak, spotty growth. You’re noticing yellowing grass throughout your lawn. There are puddles of water that simply run off rather than being absorbed. At Lawn Doctor of Wayne and Northern New Jersey, we know these are just a few of the signs that indicate the need for aeration.

However, if you want to be sure, you can perform the shovel or screwdriver test. This just involves sticking a shovel or screwdriver into your lawn’s soil. If it goes in easily, compaction and thatch aren’t a problem. If there’s a lot of resistance, though, then lawn aeration is in order.

When to Perform Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration isn’t something you can do just anytime throughout the year. It should be performed right before your lawn’s active growing season so holes left behind fill in quickly. That means cool season grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass or rye grass, are best aerated in fall or early spring. For warm season grasses, like Bermuda and Buffalo, aim for the end of spring to perform aeration.

Why Choose Lawn Doctor of Wayne and Northern New Jersey for Aeration?

There are many reasons homeowners all over the Wayne area choose us for lawn aeration. Not only are our technicians experienced in aeration, but they also understand how local growing and climate conditions are impacting your lawn’s health. In addition, we use proven, proprietary equipment in all of our services, which means you can expect consistently beautiful results.

Ready to enjoy your yard again, without all the hassle and hard work? Call in the local aeration experts at Lawn Doctor of Wayne and Northern New Jersey today at 973.492.9110. We provide lawn aeration to customers in Wayne, Northeast NJ, Butler, Clifton, Paramus, and Kinnelon.